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Freddy Krueger the Abortionist?

Freddy Krueger the Abortionist? Dr. Theresa Burke’s book on post abortion therapy, Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion is endorsed by the great enemy of the feminist agenda- Dr. Laura Schessinger. Burkes concurs that the Feminist movement brought us many psychological problems and the trauma culture. She applies psychology to cure this trauma, but says that abortion-trauma can only be completely healed if one asks for and receives God’s mercy. Her work shows that if the grief of abortion is not healed then the world can become a Freddy Krueger-like nightmare. Q. What effect did the Feminist movement have in bringing about the trauma culture? A. If you examine the women's movement you can see that many of the women who laid the groundwork were women traumatized by their own abortions. They believed that legalizing abortion would take away the trauma. But even offered in the most pristine and legal hospitals - abortion can only destroy. Q. What happens to a culture when mi