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Vigano: "Simple people... understand that we have a Non-Catholic Pope...[causing] problems of a Canonical Nature" & Bp Gracida: "[I]f the [Pope Benedict] Renunciation is Doubtful, then in virtue of Canon 332 §2, it is Invalid for lack of Due Manifestation"

  " We have come to the point that even simple people with little knowledge of doctrinal issues understand that  we have a non-Catholic pope, at least in the strict sense of the term. This poses some problems of a canonical nature." -  Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Bishop Rene Gracida summed the " canonical"  situation we are in with the doubtfulness of the Pope Benedict XVI resignation: "[I]f the [Pope Benedict XVI] Renunciation is doubtful, then in virtue of canon 332 §2, it is invalid for lack of due manifestation" [  ] Moreover, it appears that if someone has definite solid reasons from canon law to doubt the validity of Pope Benedict's resignation one can it appears possibly commit a sin if he doesn't resolve that doubt before claiming Francis is definitely pope. The important theological book "Rodriguez and the Confession of Doubtful Mortal Sins" in page 225 says: "If one does not resolve the doubt and deli

Flashback: Bannon Interviews Archbishop Vigano – ‘Biden An Irreparable, China-Complicit Disaster’"

The National Pulse just released the transcripts of the "The Great Reset: Bannon Interviews Archbishop Vigano – ‘Biden An Irreparable, China-Complicit Disaster’": Bannon : Now that the Vatican has renewed its insidious secret agreement with China, a deal which you have repeatedly condemned as promoted by Bergoglio with the assistance of McCarrick, what can the “children of light” of the Great Awakening concretely do to undermine this unholy alliance with this brutal Communist regime? Vigano : The dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party is allied to the global deep state, on the one hand so that together they can attain the goals that they have in common, on the other hand because the plans for the Great Reset are an opportunity to increase the economic power of China in the world, beginning with the invasion of national markets. At the same time that it pursues this project in its foreign policy, China is pursuing a domestic plan to restore the Maoist tyranny, which requi


  December 18, 2007 ht tp://www.unitypubli EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE BEFORE CONFESSION 1. Have I ever failed to confess a serious sin, disguised it or justified it? 2. Have I been guilty of irreverence for this sacrament by failing to examine my conscience carefully? 3. Have I failed to perform the penance given me by the confessor or disobeyed any of his directions? 4. Have I neglected the Easter duty of receiving Holy Communion or failed to confess my sins within a year? 5. Have I any HABITS of serious sin to confess first (impurity, drunkenness, gossip, anger, sloth, vanity, neglect of duties, etc.)? FIRST THREE COMMANDMENTS Love God with your whole heart, mind and soul FIRST COMMANDMENT Am I ignorant of my catechism (Act of Contrition, Apostle's Creed, Ten Commandments, Seven Sacraments, the Our Father)? Have I willfully doubted or denied any of the teachings of the Church (heresy)? Have I taken active part in any non-Catholic worship? Am I