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Venezuela and Pope Francis's Bloody Hands

As Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate so it appears that Venezuela suffered under Pope Francis. Were Pilate's hands innocent of the blood of Jesus after he washed his hands in water? Are Francis's hands innocent of the Venezuelan victim's blood after his so-called negotiations? Vatican expert Sandro Magister counts 40 dead, 1,000 wounded and "the growing systematic aggression against...the Catholic Church...death threats and blasphemous graffiti on the walls of churches" as Francis allows Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro to crucify his own countrymen as they plead for democracy. (, "Pontius Pilate Has Reappeared In Venezuela," May 11, 2017) The Vatican expert confirmed "Pope Francis has been punctually informed about everything" happening in the country directly by the Venezuelan bishops. The bishops have "disappointment and anger" against Francis's April 29 statement which "practically blamed"