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The "Unholy Alliance" between the One-World Regime Globalists & Francis vs. Benedict XV on the "One-World Government... Reign of Unheard of Terror"

  Why did the globalist elite and Francis use youth Greta Thunberg to inspire so-called GREEN YOUTH rallies in the media propaganda spectacular called the "Climate Strike" in over 150 countries just before the COVID media hysteria campaign? What was the reason that Adolf Hitler inspired HITLER YOUTH rallies and wrote in Mien Kampf: "Whoever has the youth has the future"? Why did Francis make a "special invitee" to his Amazon Synod the one-world government advocate Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber according to journalist Edward Pentin on Twitter? Might Francis's main agenda at the Amazon Synod have been not so much about undermining Catholic doctrine despite the Pachamama worship (which has already been greatly accomplished with Amoris Laetitia), but pushing for a one-world government? Hitler wanted a one-world government so he inspired the Hitler youth and others with the propaganda and scare tactics against the Jews and all the so-c