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In 1936 Dawson Predicts: Obama's Totalitarian State of Free Milk and Birth Control

In 1936 Christopher Dawson predicted Obama's totalitarian (Obamacare) state of free milk and birth control. My question is if Romney was the forrunner (Romneycare) of totalitarian state of free milk and birth control, why should I trust or vote for him? At this time, it is more important to witness to truth and pray. Jesus is saving us and may save this country, but only if get on our knees and ask. Fred -“It may be harder to resist a Totalitarian state which relies on free milk and birth control clinics than one which relies on castor oil and concentration camps.” Bradley Birzer’s book on Christopher Dawson: “Sanctifying the World”. On p.124, Birzer discusses Dawson’s book, “Religion and the Modern State” (1936): Dawson “described the rise of fascism while labeling the rise of the New Deal in America as a benign form of dictatorship. ‘It is in fact a constitutional dictatorship,’ Dawson wrote bluntly. Fur