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When you Read the Book you'll get the Inspiration

When you Read the Book you'll get the Inspiration Father Ray Devlin wrote a book about his brother, CHA: A Biography of Father "Joe" Devlin, S. J., which was published late last year by Nenagh Books. Q. How and why did you become a priest? A. My brother was a great priest and I was imitating him. I recognized what he was doing. The key of vocations is others follow Christ and you follow them. Q. Can you give us an example? A. I don't have one example. It was his whole life. You don't do anything for one example. You do it for a life that's truly dedicated. You saw that he was a happy person. That's the key. People have vocations when they see young Jesuits and older Jesuits who are happy warriors. My brother said always be a happy warrior. Q. What was your toughest experience in the priesthood? A. That you serve God, save your soul, and help others. A priest didn't join to become a star golf player or a great coach. He comes to help people save their s