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Banks Urged to 'Come Clean' on Support of Planned Parenthood

Banks Urged to 'Come Clean' on Support of Planned Parenthood FRONT ROYAL, Va., March 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Bank of America continues to play word games in an attempt to mislead consumers," said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). "And Wachovia is not any better than Bank of America." Both corporations appear on The Boycott List, which identifies corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood. In November 2007, LDI sent a letter to Bank of America Foundation President Andrew Plepler, which addressed the issue: "You write that Bank of America's involvement with Planned Parenthood is driven 'primarily' by its employees. You go on to write that Planned Parenthood is one of many groups that receive funding via Bank of America's Matching Gift Program... "In a letter to Mr. Kenneth D. Lewis dated July 30, 2003, we specifically addressed a statement repeatedly made by Paula J. Fraher, executive director

"Both Clinton and Obama would Force the Homosexual Agenda" Senator Clinton: I want to be first U.S. president to march in gay pride parade Chad Groening OneNewsNow 3/10/2008 Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, does not think marching in a so-called "gay-pride parade" is a proper venue for the president of the United States. However, one presidential candidate has made a pledge to do just that – Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York). She says that Clinton made her pledge in the Washington Blade – a Washington newspaper serving the homosexual community. "...Really now! We've seen these gay pride parades in San Francisco and elsewhere," exclaims Donnelly. "Is this really an appropriate role for the President or the Commander in Chief of our armed forces? I don't think so..." According to Donnelly, there is virtually no difference between Clinton and Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) when it comes to advancing the gay and

Pray as you Read this Catholic Manifesto

Pray as you read this Catholic Manifesto for the 21 century. It shows the only solution for peace for your family and the world. Fred “What, then, is the solution? At the very least it will demand of us, each in his own vocation and sphere of influence, a consecration to Truth as the final arbiter of reality in all situations that confront us. It will necessarily lead us to abandoning artificial constructs of interaction with the world—especially those strategies that would seek a good at the cost of hiding or equivocating the truth. It will demand courage of us, especially the willingness to lose everything for the sake of truth. Moreover, it will demand that in our very being we become presences of incarnated truth, bringing Christ into the so-called “naked public square” not only in our words but with our whole lives. It must be done with love, but it must also be done firmly, clearly, and with moral authority. Mankind does not need more rhetoric. It needs living words dynamically p