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Is COVID Hysteria Francis promoting Chrislam?

Author Vernon Coleman wrote that those who push the COVID lockdowns are promoting Chrislam:    "Am I the only one to have noticed that, purely by accident of course, we are becoming a curiously Muslim looking society? Our churches are shut, we are told we must cover our faces, our pubs are shut, parties are banned, an attempt was made to stop the sale of Easter eg gs and make - up is considered a ‘ non - essential’. This comment is not in any way intended as a criticism of the Muslim religion but merely a suggestion that maybe our society is being redirected towards something called Chrislam." [file:///C:/Users/Fred/AppData/Local/Temp/normal_608c70a1bb6e1.pdf] Is COVID hysteria Francis promoting Chrislam? Last year, CNS News reported that "Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the former Vatican ambassador to the United States, said this idea [of Francis] is a 'blatant heresy' and a 'terrible blasphemy'": In reference to a document signed by Muslim Imam Ahmad

"Is Benedict XVI Still Pope?" & Is Francis an Anti-Pope?

    The Catholic scholar and former history professor, Dr. Ed Mazza, on The Patrick Coffin Show was ask by the host Patrick Coffin : "Is it possible we have an anti-pope situation?" The Catholic Monitor thinks this question and the hour and half show is extremely important and is planning to do a number of posts on the well done interview of Dr. Mazza. Please listen to the show yourself and send the link to your friends and family:   We think this show is as important and possibly more important than the Antonio Socci's book "The Secret Of Benedict XVI: Is He Still The Pope?" which we in 2019 gave a series of posts covering the whole book.  We thank Dr. Mazza and Mr. Coffin for giving the Catholic Monitor permission to transcribe the whole show and post on our site. Our plan is to soon do a series of posts examining if Francis is possibly an anti-pope or as The Coffin Show title stated "Is

Francis, Ocasio-Cortez, Abortionist One-World Government & the Club of Rome

  Might Francis possibly be a hypocrite? He compares abortion to Nazi eugenics: “The murder of children. To have an easy life, they get rid of an innocent... Last century, the whole world was scandalised by what the Nazis did to purify the race. Today, we do the same thing but with white gloves.” [ ] But then he promotes the foremost one-world government abortionist eugenicist leaders: Francis's Vatican hosted Paul Ehrlick who has "called for forced abortion and mass sterilization" according to[ ] Francis said he is "gratified" by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which "promote universal access to abortion" according to Voice of the[