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Is McCarthy's "The Road" Hopeless or Hopeful?

I vote for hopeful. In the deepest darkness thinkable the father chooses life and goodness for his son despite the stark realness of despair as the he dies and everything around him appears to be dying. This is the dark night of the soul in our death culture. The love of the father and his choice for good made me think this is the best book I've read since Lord of the Rings. Fred The Road, Cormac McCarthy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I just finished this book today. Was required to read it for class. And I cried ...boy is it depressing and is so hopeless. Does anybody have other views of the book that I might be missing? I'm looking for hope in it...I feel like it's wrong for something to have so little hope in God. Has anybody else read this book? holly_potter View Public Profile Find all posts by holly_potter #2 Aug 26, '08, 2:43 am Sam Maloney Regula

Rosary Saved the World in 1960 from Nuclear Annihilation: Pray it to Save the Church from Pope Francis's Errors

-Updated August 19, 2017- On EWTN's Fatima series, Fr. Apostoli said that the Rosary and Our Lady saved the world from Russia's hydrogen bomb rocket. He said this historical event may have been represented in the Third Secret of Fatima as Our Lady stopping the angel from covering the world with flames. Before you read the post in the second section on how the rosary saved the world in 1960 from nuclear annihilation by Work of the Angels also known as Opus Angelorum below, please read the following section on the need to pray for the Pope. It is sad to say, but in terms of policy and actions, President Trump is by a wide margin more pro-life and pro-family than Pope Francis.  (Read or my website for the evidence.) There is a just reason why so many faithful Catholics are angry because of the undeniable distorting of Church teachings by Pope Francis and his appointees. We can use that anger to motivate us to trust God and do good. Or you can m