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Why do some Traditionalists pretend John Paul II and Benedict are Total Relativists like Francis?

Fr. George Rutler in his 2017 Crisis article said Fr. Antonio Spadaro, and by implication Francis since both he and Spadaro are liberal Jesuits, "grew up in a theological atmosphere of... Transcendental Thomism [which] was Karl Rahner's attempt to wed Thomistic realism with Kantian idealism. Father Stanley Kaki, theologian and physicist, called this stillborn hybrid 'Aquikantianism.'" (Crisis, "The Mathematical Innovations of Father Spadaro," February 22, 2017) Both the liberal Jesuits: Spadaro and Francis it appears are total relativists, as are most Jesuits and all liberal theologians. Rahner's "Foundation of Theological Study: A Sourcebook" says: "The German Jesuit Karl Rahner (1904-1984) remains one of most influential theologians of the twentieth century." (Foundation of Theological Study: A Sourcebook,>books) Rahner was a disciple of Kant as Rutler said. Jaki, also, makes this clear in h

Cld. O' Malley on same Anti-EWTN Annett Tweeter Tread

Five days before Tony Annett's February 17 Twitter attack on EWTN and free speech as well as freedom of the press which was retweeted by Pope Francis's "mouthpiece" and close collaborator Antonio Spadaro, guess who was on the Twitter thread? The so-called moderate Cardinal Sean O' Malley. O' Malley on February 12 on the Annett thread said "[E]nvironmental justice and what needs to be done to address this real and compelling challenge." Others that joined O'Malley on the thread were gay activist Fr. James Martin, Socialist Bernie Sanders, abortion advocate Jeffrey Sachs and leftist Paul Krugman. Was O'Malley endorsing Annett's radical environmentalism as well as the "detraction and calmuny" of that Twitter page? The American Catholic had this to say of, it appears, one of O'Malley's favorite tweeter pages: "Anthony Annett['s]... twitter page is especially full of nasty invective. A quick perusal of h

Does Pope Francis have a New Bishop Barros-like Sex Abuse Scandal?

According to the USA Today and former Guam Senator Robert Klitzkie, it appears that Pope Francis has a new Bishop Juan Barros-like sex abuse scandal. The Vatican Insider has a photo of Francis on February 7 meeting with, hand on shoulder and smiling at, Guam Archbishop Anthony Aurpon who according to former Guam Senator Klitzkie "has been accused of child sexual abuse by five men, one of them Aurpon's own nephew." (Robert Klitzkie press release, "Press Release of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, February 18, 2017 & Vatican Insider, "Guam's Archbishop Apuron breaks his silence: "I deny all allegations made against me - The February 7th audience with Pope Francis," February 10, 2017) In a press releases Klitzkie said: "The Pope appointed Cardinal Burke to head a tribunal to try Aurpon. We're told that the tribunal's decision was reached in October. So - more cover-up?" The USA Today reported: &q

Communist Pope: Francis's Chinese Betrayal is Treating Real People like Worthless Things

Communist expert Robert Royal on EWTN's World Over said the Chinese government is a totalitarian regime that doesn't respect truth, religious rights and most of all human life. It is evil and totally godless. Human life for them is cheap. People are killed and tortured at the whim of the regime. Listen Pope Francis! This are real people. They are not worthless things you can discard to play at the so-called game of "diplomacy." The media invented the lie that Pope Pius XII was Hitler's Pope because of the lying myth that he was silent about the totalitarian Nazi regime and even collaborated with Hitler. If Francis is actively collaborating with the Stalinist totalitarian Chinese Communist regime, then he is the: The Totalitarian Communist Pope. Pray that this Pope is stopped from betraying the Chinese Catholic people. Pray that enough people pray and demand that he stop treating people like things in a game of "diplomacy."

Enabling Media & SNAP are Accomplices in Francis's McCarrick Cover-up, their Credibility is Shot

- Updated August 26, 2018 - The secular and liberal Catholic media as well as leftist such as the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) have been involved in a massive cover-up of Pope Francis after each of his serial sex abuse cover-up scandals. Almost all the sex abuse enabling media agreed with pro-gay National Catholic Reporter journalist Thomas Reese's whitewashing of Francis's cover-ups which was posted on the SNAP website saying: "The overwhelming consensus in the media is that Pope Francis has a blind spot when it comes to sexual abuse." (, "Pope Francis' blind spot on sexual abuse," Religious News Service, January 25, 2017) Now, they are at it again, with the Vatican's former Apostlic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's report that Francis covered-up the sex abuse crimes of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Most all of them are enabling Francis's sex abuse cover-up by down playing the devast