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Anathema: Francis's Amoris Laetitia and Argentine Letter by Infallible Doctrine of Council of Trent

Not only are Pope Francis's teachings condemned by Pope John Paul II, but they are anathema by the Council of Trent. Amoris Laetitia and Francis's letter which approves the Argentine norms as the only interpretation of that papal document is teaching false doctrine and condemned by the Council of Trent. Trent teaches defined infallible Catholic doctrine that can't be changed by papal prudential statement documents or letters. It was reported that after the papal letter Argentine Bishop Macin cited it as the order of the Pope to give Communion to 30 it appears unrepentant adulterous couples since no mention was made of them living as bother and sister. Again, Francis's teachings are not only directly counter to the encyclical of John Paul II, but condemned by the Council of Trent. Also, according to leading Catholic theologians including Dr. E. Christian Brugger, the Council of Trent appears to give this teachings of Pope Francis, and his intimate friend who w

Does Fatima Controversy Disclose Francis' Vatican Press Office is Less Trusted than the Old USSR Pravda?

Why is Francis' Vatican Press Office less trusted than Pravda by many middle of the road faithful orthodox Catholics? Why the panic-attack denial from the Vatican Press Office just because the Fatima message supposedly said the apostasy in the Church will start at the very top? These comments comes from Fr. Z's blog which bends over backwards to be fair to Pope Francis, but does call a spade a spade. These commenters are generally intelligent and well read Catholics. They are not radical traditionalist. Fr. Z is very heavy handed in deleting Rad Trads as they are called. You'll find the same type of  comments by many middle of the road faithful orthodox Catholics on The Catholic Thing (TCT). One of the revealing comments on faithful Catholics distrust of the present man in St. Peter's office on TCT was something like don't worry, pray and don't listen to Pope Francis. Cornelius says: 22 May 2016 at 6:30 AM I don’t understand all t