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Is Francis "Reminiscent of Hitler"?

In a scholarly article for the Remnant, Helen Weir, MI, showed that Francis is "reminiscent of Hitler": "It might be objected, at this stage, that playing the 'Hitler Card' against the Amazon Synod is a bridge too far.  After all, Bergoglio is purportedly the Vicar of Christ on earth.  Many quotes could be adduced to show that he is a believer (if those quotes, quite conveniently, happen to escape juxtaposition with their own stark and copious self-contradictions)."   "Moreover, many of the loquacious Argentinian’s less palatable statements are typically excused by fans and critics alike with the assertion that they do not represent what Bergoglio really means, or by the insistence--as though the one justification doesn’t abjectly invalidate the other—that they are amenable to realignment within the parameters of perfect orthodoxy." "The problem comes in when we recognize that Adolf Hitler once wrote and spoke in what has come

Why are the "Conservative" Breitbart and Bp. Barron pushing the Agenda of Gay Activist Archbishop Gregory?

Why is the "conservative" Breitbart pushing the agenda of gay activist Archbishop Wilton Gregory against conservative and traditional Catholics? "Speaking at a November 21 panel at Georgetown University titled 'The Francis Factor Today,' Archbishop Gregory said that Catholic resistance to the agenda of Pope Francis is 'insidious' and is aggravated by the use of social media that provides a bullhorn to [conservative] critics." [ ] Why is the "conservative" Bishop Robert Barron joining Breitbart in pushing the gay activist archbishop's agenda? The May 13, 2018 Catholic Standard reported that the so-called conservative, who is a "friend" of gay activist Fr. James Martin, Bishop Robert Barron has been closely associated with homosexuals who apparently are and were part the gay bishops network. (Twitter, Fr. James Martin, A

Will Skojec join Mirus' Communion for Adulterers Heretics against St. Francis de Sales & Cd. Burke?

One Peter Five's Steve Skojec has been joined by Francis apologist Catholic Culture's Dr. Jeff Mirus in his name-calling. They are both calling everyone "sedevacantist" including Doctors of the Church who say a "Pope [who]... is explicitly a heretic" can "cease to be pope" by the Church establishing and declaring that he is a manifest heretic. Mirus inferred that Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales is sedevacantist for saying a explicit heretic pope can "cease to be pope." (Catholic Culture, "Sede Vacantism: An attack on the Church's Authority Principle," November 21, 2019) Mirus is now officially a collaborator of Skojec in calling everyone a sedevacantist who shows evidence that Francis is in heresy for making Communion for adulterer his "authentic Magisterium" teaching or showing evidence that the Francis conclave was invalid. Mirus was already a official member of the leftist Mark Shea heretical par

Mirus, Mark Shea & Friends Necessities: Francis Vatican Pachamama Idols for their Parishes & Homes

Dr. Jeff Mirus, Mark Shea and his friends at Patheos need to show the world that their apologetics and devotion for Francis isn't half-hearted. They need to tell their parish priest to get a Francis Vatican Pachamama idol for their parish church. Then Mirus and Shea to show their devotion to Francis can bow down before the idol at their very own church. Next, they must take out that pre-Francis era statue of St. Francis of Assisi from their front yard and put in a Francis Vatican Pachamama idol. Also, Jeff and Mark must throw away all those pre-Francis holy cards of saints. The newest Francis apologists necessity is a holy Pachamama idol card. Finally, all Francis apologist websites if they are to be up with the times need to have a Pachamama logo somewhere on their website as a badge of loyalty to Francis. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Bp. Gracida gives Mirus a History Lesson: "St. Sophronius... Stood up to Pope Honorius and accused him of Heresy"

Yesterday, Catholic Culture's Dr. Jeff Mirus showed he needs a lesson in Catholic history when he said: "A good Catholic may not charge the Pope with heresy." (Catholic Culture, "Church troubles: What good Catholics may and may not do, November 19, 2019) Bishop Rene Gracida who knows Catholic history in 2016 gave Mirus a history lesson: "St. Sophronius of Jerusalem, almost alone, stood up to Pope Honorius and accused him of heresy." (Renew America, Bishop displeased with Pope's leadership, October 16, 2016) As journalist Edward Pentin inferred people apparently ignorant of Catholic history like Mirus would claim a saint, St. Sophronius, was not a "good Catholic": "If St. Sophronius lived today, he certainly would be accused of speaking 'against the Pope.'" (National Catholic Register," Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider: Criticism of Errors is Fidelity to the Pope, September 24, 2019) Pray an Our Father now

Church Militant: "Francis Reportedly say[s] America Should willing Surrender to a One-World Government"

Today, the Catholic news source Church Militant reported that "at least two years ago" the journalist Eugenio Scalfari of the Italian newspaper La Repubbica, "after the G-20 summit," was told by the "pontiff [Francis]" that he "thinks": "[T]he United States... should simply give up... national sovereignty and submit to a new world order..." "... The Vatican has yet to comment on the Scalfari interview about Francis reportedly saying America should willing surrender itself to a one-world government." (Church Militant, "Francis Hates America! He has drunk all the Kool-Aid," November 19, 2019) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Pope Pius X's Prophecy of "my Successor... after a Short Retirement"?

In "Antichrist and the End Times" by Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi (who apparently is a Francis apologist from some research), he quotes a Pope Pius X prophecy which appears related to the 3rd Secret of Fatima: "I saw one of my successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement [exile] ["exile" in the brackets is part of the quote in the Iannuzzi book] he will die a cruel death." ( Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Why are Remnant Writers Hilary White & Siscoe Afraid of an Cardinal Investigation of Francis's Validity?

On November 14, Remnant writer Hilary White twitted: Hilary White @hilarityjane Replying to @billhowardesq @BVMConsolatrix and 3 others "The validity of a papal election rests on more than one thing, the most important of which is his acceptance by the Church in the person of the bishops. Even C. Burke, an elector and canon lawyer, has said nothing about UDG affecting validity. Its the reason the question... ... is unanswerable. Only a pope can determine if a person has violated UDG and only a pope can violate UDG. If these are the same person, what have we got? Only a pope can say that a previous pope had been an antipope. So, maybe the answer to your question will simply have to wait." [ ] White is wrong on her claim that Cardinal Raymond Burke said nothing on the conclave cons

Is the Remnant Wrong in saying Francis is same as Benedict & John Paul II?

The Remnant newspaper recently appears to be saying that Francis is the same as Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI which I will attempt to show is inaccurate. However, the newspaper is right in saying that the Vatican II's ambiguities which were a forerunner of Amoris Laetitia's ambiguity lead to false ecumenism within the Church and outside. Strangely, the non-traditionalist conservative Matthew Schmitz put it best: "[T]he post-Vatican II settlement [of]... Upholding Catholic teaching on paper but not in reality as led to widespread corruption... a culture of lies... that allowed men like McCarrick to flourish." It allowed the Church of John Paul II and Benedict XVI to keep heretics and homosexual predators in the hierarchy such as McCarrick and others like him to flourish and to promote neo-sacrilegious media productions such as the Assisi fiasco and the kissing of the Koran. This was wrong and God will judge them for their failures to be good fathers (pop

Is Francis our First Gay Pope?

Francis strolls hand in hand with the anti-gangster and gay rights advocate Fr. Luigi Ciotti. Yesterday, the pro-gay CBS headline was: "Pope Francis compare homophobic politicians to Hitler" Is Francis our first gay pope? It is beyond a doubt true that no pope or antipope in history has had a gayer agenda than this man. Put it this way, it appears probable that someone with Francis's gay agenda would have felt more at home in the idol worshipping pagan cities of Sodom and Gomorrah than in the tent of Abraham. Remember how a extremist Black feminist said Bill Clinton was the first black president in an 1998 New Yorker article. The radical Black feminist Toni Morrison in the piece said Clinton is "our first black president. Blacker than any actual person who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime." Remember how extremist feminists said Barack Obama would be our first woman president. More womanly than any actual person who could ever be ele