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Does Fr. Harrison Think Francis's "Authentic Magisterium" Teaching of Communion for those Committing Adultery isn't Heresy?

The Wanderer's Fr. Brian Harrison issued a attack on the 19 scholar heroes by first presenting a straw man then showing his argument: "Pope Francis has indeed said some things I believe to be heretical... the heretical doctrine of annihilation... [but] Francis is notorious for frequently speaking 'off the cuff'... [was] he/she accurately reported... [but] supposing... [It's] really heretical opinion... Only if he/she remains stubborn and obstinate can the Church declare him/her to be a formal heretic." (The Wanderer, "Why I didn't Sign the Open Letter Accusing the Pope of Heresy," May 3, 2019) It is strange that Harrison says Francis has only "said" some things that may be heretical when he knows the pontiff wrote the Argentine letter that teaches that those committing adultery can receive Communion which was called "authentic magisterium" by the Pope's Vatican and placed in the Holy See's Official Acts of the Ap

Getting a few Laughs as Lawler, Condon & Akin in Attacking 19 Scholars say Ten Commandments aren't Infallible Dogma

I got a few laughs reading the snooty attacks on the 19 scholar heroes by pompous Catholic commentators who apparently don't think the Ten Commandments are infallible Catholic dogma. Catholic News Agency Ed Condon very seriously wrote the "pope himself... content[s] that Amoris can and should be read in continuity with Catholic teaching." But, Condon doesn't show us where Communion for those committing adultery is anywhere in previous Catholic teaching so there could be "continuity." Catholic Culture Phil Lawler nonchalantly says "the claim that the Pope has committed heresy is at best a leap of logic." But, Lawler doesn't show how it is a "leap of logic" to come to the logical conclusion that teaching Communion for those committing adultery is a heresy. Finally, coming down from the mountain comes the National Catholic Register's Jimmy Akin who proclaims in "addition to demonstrat[ing] dogmas, the Open Letter also

Taylor Marshall calls 19 Scholars "Practically Sedevacantist" for following the Teachings of Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales

"These scholars and pastors have risked their standing and livelihoods. They could lose their positions, their freedom to work in churches or Catholic institutions. They might even face excommunication." (Stream, "Catholic Scholars Accuse Pope Francis of Heresy for Promoting Lax Sexual Ethics and Acclaiming Islam," by John Zmirak, May 2, 2019) Shame on Dr. Taylor Marshall who, today, on his popular Catholic YouTube TNT show threw the 19 Catholic scholar heroes under the bus by saying : "If you are saying he is a heretical pope [as the 19 scholars said]... It is practically sedevacantist.'"  [ , 7:31] What Marshall said against the scholars reminds one of the hi-tech lynch mob against the Covington kids about which I wrote: "There is no excuse for the so-called 'conservative pro-life' mob that included the National Review, Rod Dreher, the March for Life president and the many others who were part of

18 Heroes & Renowned Theologian Nichols's: "Heretical Papacy may not be Tolerated" is Warning to Cdl. Burke & 20% Non-heretical Bishops that Hell awaits Cowards

Internationally renowned theologian Fr. Aidan Nichols, O.P., one of the most prolific Catholic scholarly writers in the English language according to Sophia Institute Press was joined by 18 "academics and clergy calling on the world's bishops to admonish the Pope and publicly reject heresy or face losing the papacy" stating: "A heretical papacy may not be tolerated." (, " Father Aidan Nichols Signs Open Letter Charging Pope Francis with Heresy," May 1, 2019) The 18 Catholic heroes and Dominican Fr. Nichols Open Letter Statement is not for Francis. It is for Cardinal Raymond Burke and the apparently fairly small percentage of Catholic cardinals and bishops who still believe the Revelation of Jesus Christ to his Church and who are not heretics or compromised. Cardinal John Henry Newman said that during the Arian Heresy Crisis 80% of the bishops were heretics which is probably similar to the number of bishops who have fallen in

Why have the Vatican II Popes been Afraid of Schism by "holding together the Conservative [Catholic] and Liberal [Heretic] Factions" within the Church?

The homosexual journalist Milo Yiannopoulos in his book "Diabolical" reported: ""Since Vatican II, most popes have been preoccupied with holding together the conservative [Catholic] and liberal [heretic] factions that emerged in its wake." Why were the Vatican II popes and why are almost all the conservative present day cardinals and bishops so afraid of a schism with the heretic faction? Their fear of schism has led to the following results according to Yiannopoulos: "Is the pope [liberal Francis] Catholic? That's not a joke: some of us have been wondering since Francis described bishops accused of raping children, or covering up the rape , as 'like Jesus on Good Friday.'" (Breitbart, "Pope Francis says accused Pastors are like Jesus on Good Friday," 9/18/2018) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Why have Bishops & "Journalists... Leapt to the Defense of a Pope [Francis] who Protected and Rehired Child Molesters" like they did for McCarrick?

Homosexual journalist Milo Yiannopoulos who is a sex abuse victim in his book "Diabolical" said: "[J]ournalists have leapt to the defense of a Pope [Francis] who protected and rehired child molesters... [like] Theodore McCarrick... [whose] crimes have been described as 'some of the worst in Church history.'" Not just the journalists, but the cardinals and bishops indefensible defense of Francis appears to be Act II of how they promoted the child molester Ted McCarrick. As the media was full of "Ted Talks" so now the media is full of "Francis Talks" which shines his celebrity star to the highest heaven. As the media hyped Ted, he was nothing more than a media protected child molester so now as they hype Francis, he is nothing more than a child molester protector. In 2002, McCarrick assumed the role as the Catholic Church spokesman against child molestation as he was a child molester and now Francis has assumed the role as the Ca