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Getting a few Laughs as Lawler, Condon & Akin in Attacking 19 Scholars say Ten Commandments aren't Infallible Dogma

I got a few laughs reading the snooty attacks on the 19 scholar heroes by pompous Catholic commentators who apparently don't think the Ten Commandments are infallible Catholic dogma.

Catholic News Agency Ed Condon very seriously wrote the "pope himself... content[s] that Amoris can and should be read in continuity with Catholic teaching."

But, Condon doesn't show us where Communion for those committing adultery is anywhere in previous Catholic teaching so there could be "continuity."

Catholic Culture Phil Lawler nonchalantly says "the claim that the Pope has committed heresy is at best a leap of logic."

But, Lawler doesn't show how it is a "leap of logic" to come to the logical conclusion that teaching Communion for those committing adultery is a heresy.

Finally, coming down from the mountain comes the National Catholic Register's Jimmy Akin who proclaims in "addition to demonstrat[ing] dogmas, the Open Letter also fails to demonstrate that Pope Francis obstinately doubts or denies dogma."

But, Akin doesn't show how Communion for those committing adultery which way back in 2017 was endorsed by Francis's Argentine letter that is called "authentic magisterium" by his Vatican and placed in the Holy See's AAS doesn't "demonstrate obstinately doubts or denies dogma."

It appears that these really smart Catholic guys with their really deep analysis of Catholic moral dogmatic theology don't think the Ten Commandments are infallible dogma.

Thanks for the laughs guys.


I want to thank a good friend who is extremely busy for sending me a list of the typos in the original post of this piece.

This was a fun post. I, also, got to laugh at myself and my blundering with typographical errors.

Always remember that your best friends help you not to make too big of a fool of yourself by pointing out your errors.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


mazara said…
They were written on stone for a reason.
Many of the prominent bloggers defending the Bishop of Rome and saying he isn't heretical - Marshall, Shea, Staples - are former protestants
Momma26 said…
Always wondered for years about all the celebrity converts and what their real agenda was.

All the apostles didn't have doctorates in ecclesiology and canon law in order to say the teaching being taught out of both sides of the mouth are wrong!

Ridiculous what is going on.

Dear Lord Jesus save your flock from evil wolves.


Fr. VF said…
"Communion for those committing adultery" states the issue too narrowly. Communion-for pro-aborts and Communion-for-sodomites are all the SAME ISSUE. The issue is Communion-for-those-obstinately-persisting-in-manifest-grave-sin.

One of Cardinal Wuerl's many lies is that the minister of Communion must know "the state of the soul" of each communicant before denying Communion.

Wuerl knows this is absolute nonsense, because no one can know anyone's "state of soul," INCLUDING HIS OWN.

Wuerl concocted this lie to give him an excuse for giving pro-abortion politicians Communion: "I didn't know the state of his soul, so I gave him Communion!" You can be sure that Wuerl's infantile lie didn't fool any priest, bishop, or pope.

Every bishop and every pastor has the duty to obey Canon 915, which concerns OUTWARD BEHAVIOR that is publicly known. The duty not to cause grave scandal means that giving Communion in violation of Canon 915 is always grave matter.

No sitting pope in the past fifty years has lifted a finger to stop the scandal of countless scandalous and sacrilegious Communions by adulterers, sodomites, and pro-aborts.
Kathleen1031 said…
I cannot fathom at all, how any discerning Catholic could look at what this pope has said and done since the very first minute coming out on that loggia, and not come to the same conclusion. You don't need an advanced degree. You don't need extensive training, no doctorate or Mdiv. or any other worldly confirmation of knowledge. You don't need to be a cleric or religious, or have been to Rome or spend each day in contemplation.
You only need a basic sense of Catholic discernment and to remember basic Scripture, most especially "I know my sheep and my sheep know me, the hireling they will not follow" and, "If anyone comes to you preaching a gospel different than this one, even it be an angel of light, do not follow him".
What more do we need to know. Those words alone give great peace. We don't need it pronounced from a Cardinal Burke or any other human being, panel, group, or council. We know it now, today. We are not to follow him, not to listen to him, not to support him.
I am a worrier, I worry about a lot of things, but not this. This is crystal clear. He is a destroyer, and his aim is to destroy the Catholic Church and faith, Christendom, Europe, and now, the US. To us, he is anathema, and the day he is not pope is going to be a very happy day.
Sendero said…
I guess St. Paul's admonition fell on Phil's deaf ears among others.

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema."(Galatians 1:8)

Paul teaches laymen to excommunicate from their midst anyone who teaches a gospel different than what was handed down to them. Paul also teaches that the rank of the person promulgating error receive no deference even if it were an angel! It implies that the Galatians were to discern error and take action even though they did not have high ecclesiastic degrees.

gm said…
Being professional catholics, they probably think their livelihoods depend on it and fear possible career suicide in the novus ordo milieu for declaring that the emperor has no cloths.
blah said…
Noticing how much Catholics are sounding like Fundamentalists these days.
Praypraypray said…
True Catholics are going by fundamental Catholic teaching.
We pray for Fundamentals to be converted to believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and the 7 Sacraments and the Tradition of the Catholic Church... the same Catholic Church which gave them the Bible, of which, sadly, they use the smaller, King James Version which is missing some books, since they were removed by some Protestants years ago. We Catholics continue to pray for them, so they will know the truth and be converted.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Well ABS you surprise me: that is an ad hominem attack you just fell into. And altogether beside the point.

Ann Barnhardt the bravest defender of the Bergoglian Antipapacy Thesis is also a convert from Protestantism.

And being a cradle Catholic like Lawler and perhaps Skojec is no guarantee of getting it right either.

Laetare O Virgin Mary, for thou alone hast destroyed all heresies!

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