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Pope Francis is almost Finished: What's Next?

Everyone knows the news that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has single-handedly destroyed Pope Francis and his sex abuse cover-up and heretical legacy. The LifeSiteNews headline: "Pope Francis covered up McCarrick abuse, former US nuncio" The first thing everyone needs to do is get on their knees and thank God. Next, know Francis and his inner circle especially Cardinal Pietro Parolin are like cornered animals and most likely are not going down without a fight. The Vatican and the media are going to attack the credibility of Vigano using the word "claims" and ignore the evidence as they did the Four Cardinal's Dubia. The difference is Francis's credibility is cracked like a defective dam. More truths will continue to come out until the corrupt dam falls apart. You individual Catholics and the Band of Bloggers, if you have been saving your ammo, it is now time to shot every last bullet at these men who are like cornered animals. Pray p

Francis/Fr. Martin "Propaganda" used by "Homopredator Priest" to Groom Sex Abuse Victim

Today, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf spoke of a "Special Report: Inside the Mind of a Homopredator Priest": "[T]his perverted, twisted, probably possessed priest [Fr. Robert Deland presently in Michigan State Prison was caught on tape grooming a sex abuse victim using]... manipulations... [that] sounded very much like the homosexualist propaganda of a highly visible Jesuit [Fr. James Martin].... 'It's okay to feel this way... Be who you are! I love you anyway.'" (Fr. Z's Blog, "@Church_Miltant report on a twisted priest-predator has a familiar ring," May, 23, 2019) The Pope Francis appointed Vatican consultant Fr. James Martin's bridge to hell propaganda becomes even more clear when you substitute the word sex abuser for LGBT and his other gay activist language as quoted from his WMOF speech in the Catholic Herald: - Headline: "Fr. James Martin critiques 'sex-abuserphobic' pastors at WMOF" - "'[W]elcome sex abu

Are Francis and his Gay Inner Circle Protecting Wuerl who Covered-up for "an Alleged Priest-run Child Porn Ring" and the Pro-Gay Bishops Network?

Why are Pope Francis and his gay inner circle protecting Cardinal Wuerl who covered-up "an alleged priest-run child porn ring"? (Washington Post, The con man in the cardinal's cap," August 22, 2018, by Hugh Hewitt) The papal inner circle of Francis's "closest collaborators and confidants" includes Vatican Bank Msgr. Battista Ricca of the alleged "gay affairs" scandal who houses the Pope in his Vatican hotel, Vice-Pope Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga of the gay Honduras seminary scandal, C9 Cardinal Ezzati who is Francis's collaborator of the Chile gay Barros scandal and confidant Cardinal Coccopalmerio's secretary of the gay drug/orgy scandal which happened a few 100 yards away from where Francis lives in gay Ricca's hotel. These are only some of the names. According to Vatican expert Sandro Magister, Francis has a "number of homosexual priests in his [Vatican] inner circle of closest collaborators and confidants."(Ma

Did Vatican II cause the McCarrick and Pope Francis Gay Sex Abuse Scandal?

The most hopeful statement in the pro-gay bishops network scandal has been when the ultimate "new springtime" of Vatican II Catholic Matthew Schmitz, senior editor at First Things, on August 16, in the Catholic Herald said: "[T]he post-Vatican II settlement [of]... Upholding Catholic teaching on paper but not in reality has led to widespread corruption... has required a culture of lies... that allowed men like McCarrick to flourish... we must sweep it away." Schmitz shows that most bishops, liberal and conservative, want to continue the "new springtime" of Vatican II and it's post-Vatican II settlement "that allowed men like McCarrick to flourish": "[Conservative] Bishop Barron also cautioned against what he called an “ideological” response... those who raise concerns about Humanae Vitae , priestly celibacy, or “rampant homosexuality in the Church ” may be... causing a 'distraction'." "No one cares for the endl