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@FeserEdward Pope JP2 vs Annett: “The error of economism" & "A.M.C. Waterman points out, this concession by Pius XI 'throws doubt on the authoritative character of that very substantial part of Catholic (or at least papal) social teaching which consists not of theological and ethical pronouncements, but of empirical judgments about the economy.'"

Tony Annett @tonyannett Biden is definitely the best president of my lifetime. Quote Tweet David Dayen @ddayen · May 30 "Barack Obama’s presidency received more praise than it probably merited, in part because he was so eloquent...the deal Biden salvaged was so superior to what Obama hobbled away with in 2011, it makes clear there’s more to a presidency than speechifying." https:// letters/tap/2023-05-30-go-to-war-with-president-you-have/ … 5:06 PM · May 30, 2023 · 15.7K Views Cathonomics: How Catholic Tradition Can Create a More Just Economy  Hardcover – January 10, 2022 by   Anthony M. Annett   (Author),  Jeffrey D. Sachs   (Foreword)  [] Edward Feser @FeserEdward Pope JP2 vs Annett: “The error of economism… includes a conviction of the primacy and superiority of the material, and directly or indirectly places the spiritual and the personal (man's activity, mor