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@melodymlyons... hate that trads won’t call out their brothers.... I hate that some previously noble men are becoming… creeps. Popularity does things to people. Money does, too


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This is a bold lie. I don’t hate trads. What I hate is the perversion of traditional Catholicism. The infiltration of what is beautiful and wholesome by a mismatched brotherhood of for-profit self-elevated personalities who dictate trends because we let them. Taking advantage of a failure of Church leadership, some manipulate hungry souls… and line pockets. I hate that dialogue has been replaced with name calling. Men don’t have to be accountable anymore… or even really think anymore… just dismiss objections by calling people “feminist” or “cuck” or *gasp* “woman.” I hate that virtue has been cast aside. Because “truth isn’t nice” or something like that. So we all are supposed to tolerate crassness, ignorance, foulness, dishonesty, dissidence, and maliciousness… for the cause. I hate that trads won’t call out their brothers. It reminds me of the early days of Catholic mom blogging, when a few women found out that they could be popular and… make money. So the unspoken code was don’t rock the boat and we’ll mastermind our way to success. Quid pro quo. Zoom call at 4. But the price was silence. You don’t break the code. You don’t criticize… And some trad men seem to have stumbled upon the same gold mine and are high on the adrenaline. And the smell of money. But because they’re men, it’s fiercer and more damaging. Consequences bigger than a virtual cat fight. Deep money. Investments. Hush hush. Important meetings. Deep pride. Good men mixed in with scoundrels and the resulting damnable silence which keeps the clicks coming. I hate that corruption, abuse, error, and cruelty, are overlooked for the sake of the cause… which used to be liturgical reform but now sometimes seems to be the preservation of some bro code. And I hate that some previously noble men are becoming liars and thieves and, well… creeps. Popularity does things to people. Money does, too. And things get weird and bad… And worse unless traditionally minded people turn away from the exhilaration of ear-tickling personalities who are just as much a hot a mess as anyone… maybe even messier. In Christ alone we have our hope and our joy. We can and should have leaders. But like wayward clergy, they need to be held accountable, not given blank checks and fawning adulation. I think the matchmaking effort is a terrible idea, taken out of community and familial discernment and placed in the hands of men who, frankly, haven’t proven themselves worthy of such a sacred trust. You don’t have to like my opinion, but having it doesn’t make me what this man and others have named me. Pay for their service if you want. And I’ll bang my pot if I want. But I will call out liars. And if you want to use their services, that’s on you. Caveat emptor.
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Timothy Gordon (Rules for Retrogrades Show)
Replying to @RadTradThomist @melodymlyons and 2 others
Just some troll who hates trads


Anonymous said…
It is not difficult to recognize them: they do not care about the truth, for they do not love or care about it.


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