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Build the Wall or the United States becomes a Pro-Death Failed State like California or Venezuela

If the President Donald Trump Wall is not build then the one party pro-death state of California will spread like a disease to rest of the United States. We see the post-Reagan amnesty Hispanic immigrants voting in Democrat abortion and gay extremists who claim murder of the unborn children and homosexual perversion is the highest good. If the United States becomes like California then the Democrat's one party Venezuela-like regime will gain power over all persons of faith in the God of the Bible. Then as in California we will began to live in a Stalinist or Nazi-like regime that outlaws Christianity. Like Stalin and Hitler they claim evil is good. Christians, in the future, who want to raise their children in the sexual morality of the faith or want to stop the murder of unborn babies must be jailed for the “hate crimes" against the one party state in this regime. These post-Reagan Latino immigrants want to bring the Democrat regime into power. They are like crazy

Just Imagine if all Francis's Gay Inner Circle were Transformed into Straight Celibate Priests

Lifesitenews just ran a story on 27-year old Dominic Hilton who was gay since the age of 14. He then decided to be celibate for health and self-esteem reasons for a year. After a year of celibacy Hilton unexpectedly found he was no longer attracted to men, but only women. He was transformed from gay to straight. This article made me realize maybe we need to pray for one year of celibacy for the Pope's gay inner circle from McCarrick to Zanchetta who have credibly been accused of sodomy and all the other allegedly sexually active Vatican clerics such as the infamous gay cocaine partiers as well as those which Vatican expert Sandro Magister says make up a "number of homosexuals priests in the inner circle of his [Francis's] closest collaborators and confidants." (Chiesa, December 16, 2016) Just imagine if all Francis's gay inner circle who are or may be sexually active were transformed into straight celibate priests. It could revolutionize the present

Argentinean Survivors Network says: Pope Francis Endorses "System of Cover-up" after new Abuse Allegations

The liberal pro-Francis Crux today, January 7, 2019, ran the headline: "Abuse allegations at famed monastery rocks pope's native Argentina" Pope Francis's home country is being "rocked" by sex abuse allegations against two priest founders, Diego Roque and Oscar Pontillo, of the famous Monastery of the Praying Christ in "the province of Mendoza" according to Crux. For some reason the so-called most "objective journalistic" liberal Catholic news outlet Crux didn't report the statement below by an Argentinean survivors network in their article. The Network of Survivors of Ecclesiastical Abuse in Argentina "as soon as the case was known" issued the following statement according to the Latin American Los website: "'The Archbishop of Mendoza [of "the province of Mendoza"] is part of a system of cover-up (sistema de encubrimiento) endorsed (avalado) by Pope Francis,'" says the networ