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Democrats Debate who can Kill the most Unborn Babies: Hillary or Obama

Democrats Debate who can Kill the most Unborn Babies: Hillary or Obama Note the abortion issue coverage and the battle between Hillary and Barack. Best, John It's Obama versus the sisterhood By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer March 2, 2008 Darlene Ewing is a Democratic activist, longtime feminist and very frustrated Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter. Like many who have dreamed of seeing a woman in the Oval Office, Ewing doesn't understand why women are drifting in ever-greater numbers away from Clinton toward her rival, Barack Obama. This trend, which has imperiled the candidacy of the woman once considered a shoo-in for her party's nomination, infuriates the frank-talking Texan. "They're running to the rock star, to the momentum, to the excitement," said Ewing, a family law attorney who chairs the Dallas County Democratic Party. "And I am worried that if Hillary doesn't get elected, I am never going to see a woman president in my lifeti

“We are presently in the Midst of the Worst and most Dangerous . . . Tsunami of Worldwide Materialism”

Written by Michael D. O'Brien Monday, 03 March 2008 Sign of Contradiction and the new world order by Michael D. O’Brien Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother: “This child is destined to be the downfall and the rising of many in Israel, a sign that will be rejected—and you yourself shall be pierced by a sword, so that the hearts of many may be laid bare.” (Luke 2: 34-35) Raised on older translations of sacred Scripture, I have heard the phrase “sign of contradiction” throughout my life, and know that it expresses dimensions which in newer translations are rendered alternatively as “a sign that will be rejected” and “a sign that will be contradicted.” Regardless of the translation, the intention of this passage is clear: Jesus will be a stumbling block, he will be a sign, he will be rejected. And Mary, participating intimately in his mission of redemption, will likewise suffer. As children of Jesus and Mary, we too will experience “contradiction” and “rejection” as

“God's Antagonist, the Beast . . . does not have a Name, but a Number"

INSIDIOUS THREAT TO SENSE OF FATHERHOOD Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Warns against Dangers of Biotechnology PALERMO, MAR 15, 2000 ( Yesterday, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger warned some 1,500 persons against what might well be the gravest danger facing humanity at present: the destruction of the image of God, by reducing fatherhood to a merely biological phenomenon. The Bavarian Cardinal addressed a congregation gathered in the Cathedral of Palermo, as well as students of the Theology Faculty of Sicily, during the inauguration of the Third Diocesan Week of Faith. Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who was invited for the occasion by Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi of Palermo, said that God himself "willed to manifest and describe himself as Father." "Human fatherhood gives us an anticipation of what He is. But when this fatherhood does not exist, when it is experienced only as a biological phenomenon, without its human and sp

Obama "Espouses the Abortion Views of [Racist] Margaret Sanger"

BAMA MANIA By Ken Blackwell - Columnist for the New York Sun It's an amazing time to be alive in America. We're in a year of firsts in this presidential election: the first viable woman candidate; the first viable African-American candidate; and, a candidate who is the first frontrunning freedom fighter over 70. The next president of America will be a first. We won't truly be in an e lection of firsts, however, until we judge every candidate by where they stand. We won't arrive where we should be until we no longer talk about skin color or gender. Now that Barack Obama steps to the front of the Democratic field, we need to stop talking about his race, and start talking about his policies and his politics. The reality is this: Though the Democrats will not have a nominee until August, unless Hillary Clinton drops out, Mr. Obama is now the frontrunner, and its time America takes a closer and deeper look at him. Some pundits are calling him the next John F. Kennedy. He'

Is Jesus Christ's Rising Again from the Dead a Historical Fact?

Briefly, therefore, the fact of Christ's Resurrection is attested by more than 500 eyewitnesses, whose experience, simplicity, and uprightness of life rendered them incapable of inventing such a fable, who lived at a time when any attempt to deceive could have been easily discovered, who had nothing in this life to gain, but everything to lose by their testimony, whose moral courage exhibited in their apostolic life can be explained only by their intimate conviction of the objective truth of their message. Again the fact of Christ's Resurrection is attested by the eloquent silence of the Synagogue which had done everything to prevent deception, which could have easily discovered deception, if there had been any, which opposed only sleeping witnesses to the testimony of the Apostles, which did not punish the alleged carelessness of the official guard, and which could not answer the testimony of the Apostles except by threatening them "that they speak no more in this name to