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Pope Francis, Soros, Criminals & EU "Bureaucrats Forfeit[ing] an Obligation to Protect Citizens" for "Leftwing–Islamic Alliance Fabricat[ing] Europe’s Migration Crisis"

Why is Pope Francis helping George Soros created a "security disaster" that is not protecting citizens and even threatening their very civilization? Today, Pope Francis is weaponizing the Mass for the political purpose of unlimited open borders which helps "George Soros and European Union (EU) leadership — and criminals" to "satisfy the Left’s ideological demand for open borders, [as] Western Europe’s bureaucrats forfeited an obligation to protect citizens." Soros, criminals and EU bureaucrats have "dressed [it] up as a humanitarian challenge, [because of this deception] the migration crisis of 2015-2016 did not even register as the security disaster it really is." The "humanitarian challenge [of] the migration crisis of 2015-2016" is a phony or "fabricated" scam by Soros and company that has created a "security disaster." So, says intelligence and terrorism expert  Christopher Deliso  who has covered Southe

Sodomy & the Pope Francis/Fr. Martin Amoris Laetitia Heresy of "Conscience is Supreme"

 Pope Francis strolls hand in hand with the anti-gangster and gay rights advocate Fr. Luigi Ciotti. The Catholic Thing writer Anthony Esolen  summed up perfectly what the Catholic Church has become under clerics like Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Fr. James Martin and Pope Francis: "Do you remember a time when a priest could march alongside miners and auto workers and look like one of them, not like a breathless female reporter in the locker room of a football team?" "...And now this,  about Cardinal McCarrick. 
The cardinal... has pointedly not said, “I have never had sexual relations with a seminarian or a priest.”
 It was a perversion of the male protective brotherhood, whose noblest and purest manifestation is the apostolic band." "Unlike those brothers the apostles, who went forth into the world to lay down their lives for Christ and the Church, these bands in our day have used the Church as a cover, and a means of procurement. They have turned t

“The Pope Covered Up Priest’s Abuse of My Son” by Público (Madrid, Spain) by Ana Delicado, Buenos Aires Correspondent on May 3, 2013

The digital newspaper based in Madrid, Spain called Público published  “The Pope Covered Up Priest’s Abuse of My Son” on May 3, 2013 by reporter Ana Delicado, Buenos Aires Correspondent.  Below this introduction is the translation into English by the liberal which I think is faulty to some extent. Below it is the original Spanish version from the website called Here is one paragraph, that in my opinion, is faulty in the liberal translation into English: “"Bergoglio was aware of my complaint,"” she [Beatriz Varela] added.  'No one is given residence in a vicarage without the authorization of the Archbishop. Such is the commitment of Bergoglio, lip service or not,' she said." "She went on: 'Faced with cases of pedophilia, the Church acts by covering up the abuses with hypocrisy, lies, and complicity.'" This is the original Spanish versi

Mother Accuses Pope Francis of Cover-up for Paedophile Priest who Abused her Son in 2002 & the Media Cover-up

Above , Beatriz Varela; below , son Gabriel Ferrini. Varela said: “Bergoglio was aware of this situation [the sex-abuse of her son] because no one can be installed in the Vicar’s House without the authorization of the Archbishop... This is Bergoglio’s compromise: He speaks against cases of pedophilia in the Church, but uses hypocrisy, lies and complicity to cover them." [ ] Author Atila Sinke Guimarães, in the Tradition in Action blog, implicitly says that there is a media cover-up, "probably due to pressure from the Vatican," of Beatriz Varela's accusation that Pope Francis was involved of a cover-up of a paedophile priest who abused her son, Gabriel Ferrini, in 2002: "Marco Tosatti from La Stampa in Turin, Italy, posted an article on his website Stilum Curiae reporting the involvement of Pope Francis in a cover-up for a pedophile priest in Buenos Aires when he was Archbishop of that city. The ar