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Francis's Death Penalty Tactic: More Abortions, Denial of Moral Law & Objective Truth?

Pope Francis has a new game plan that includes the new tactic of precise unambiguous language. The old plan was to use ambiguous language to allow sexual intrinsically evil acts. In the new plan, Francis is saying the death penalty is an intrinsically evil act in precise unambiguous language, it appears, to possibly negate natural moral law. Dr. Joseph Shaw at the Lifesitenew  and S. Armaticus at the Deus Machina blog made  the same observation on Francis's new language: -Shaw: "The Pope speaks in this address with a level of technical precision not always to be found in his remarks.' -Armaticus: "Since May, the 'literary construct' used by Francis to express the above thought has undergone a metamorphosis. In grammatical terms, one can say improvement. What has happened is that Francis has reduced the level of ambiguity.' If what Dr. Shaw, Edward Feser and Armaticus are saying below is true then the new plan is to possibly bring about more ab

Pope Francis, Ted Bundy and the Rosary

Does Pope Francis think that the death penalty is worst than what Ted Bundy did? Bundy was a serial murderer and rapist who, also, tortured the victims and even engaged in necrophilia with their bodies. In 2015, Francis gave his approved to the following quote: "To kill a murderer is a punishment incomparably worst than the crime itself." (edwardfeser.blogspot, "The curious case of Pope Francis and the 'new natural lawyers,'" June 3, 2017) If Ted Bundy had not received the death penalty and was instead given a sentence of life imprisonment, would Pope Francis want Bundy set free? In 2014, Francis said: "A life sentence is just a death penalty in disguise." (edwardfeser.blogspot, "The curious case of Pope Francis and the"' new natural lawyers,'" June 3, 2017) Pray the rosary for Francis because something appears to be wrong with the poor man if he wants to free dangerous criminals and serial predators from priso

Schonborn: Commit Adultery as long as your Ignorant, Pathologically Disordered & Externally Pressured is Teaching of Catechism

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn said: "The struggle over 'Amoris Laetitia' would be much more peaceful if the critics studied the Catechism." (Religion Digital, October 15, 2017) Schonborn thinks that AL's admitting of sexually active public adulterers to Holy Communion is in the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Let's see what the Catechism says of adultery: 2380: "Christ condemns even adultery of mere desire. The sixth commandment and the New Testament forbid adultery absolutely." What part of "forbid adultery absolutely" does Schonborn not understand? The Cardinal must be thinking of part IV: 1859: " Mortal sin requires full knowledge and complete consent." 1860: "Unintentional ignorance can diminish or even remove the imputability of a grave offense. But no one is deemed to be ignorant of the principles of the moral law, which are written in the conscience of every man. The promotings of fee