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Intriguing Takes on Putin's SWIFT Invasion of the Ukraine "As Russia and China Join Hands"

  If we end up in a shooting war with Russia and the draft is resurrected to include women, will Joe Biden's 20-year-old granddaughter, Finnegan, be drafted  or will she get special treatment? - Les Femmes - The Truth The Catholic Monitor is trying to understand what is going on behind the United States and Russian media narratives. To do this it is best to go to independent thinkers some of which we generally agree with and others that we think miss the mark, but give interesting off the wall insights.  So, here are some intriguing takes on the Russian i nvasion of the Ukraine and SWIFT's as well as China's possible connection to this event: Les Femmes - The Truth :  Many experts are saying that the war in Ukraine was totally avoidable. By assuring Russia that Ukraine would not become a member of NATO, Putin had less reason to invade Ukraine. Russia has a legitimate fear of being surrounded by NATO forces with missiles aimed at their cities and troops marching on