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Nurse Says Obama Supports Infanticide Nurse Says Obama Supports Infanticide Barack Obama, presidential candidate Washington DC, Feb 16, 2008 / 05:35 am (CNA).- A pro-life nurse is seconding a statement made by Alan Keyes that Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama, pointing to his support for infanticide. Jill Stanek is a nurse who discovered babies were being aborted alive and shelved to die in soiled utility rooms while working at a hospital in Illinois and since has been a strong advocate against partial-birth and live-birth abortions. According to her commentary on, Stanek explains why Keyes made his statement. At the federal level, legislation was presented called the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA) which stated all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted. BAIPA sailed through the U.S. Senate by unanimous vote and by an overwhelming majority in the House. Pre

INFANTICIDE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT I was once strongly inclined to vote for Barack Obama for president (assuming he won his party's nomination) based on his record as a community organizer in Chicago and in the Illinois state legislature. He's had nitty-gritty street experiences absent in the resumes of most aspirants for the Oval Office: He worked in poor neighborhoods to get job training for the unemployed and found ways to reach school dropouts. And in the legislature, he got a bill passed to mandate electronic police recording of interrogations in homicide cases. But then I learned Obama's voting record on abortion. I am a nonreligious pro-lifer, my only religion being the Constitution. And I am not a single-issue voter, having often supported candidates who are pro-choice because I knew their civil liberties and civil rights records. For one example, I was a great admirer of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. (New York

Gay Porn "Funding" Sponsor Censorship of Catholic Magazine Heritage Canada Letters to Catholic Insight or Censorship? Nonsense! It's just "Monitoring", Double Standards? Whattsamatta U don't like Little Kids? Following are two of the documents I have received pertaining to the continued program of harassment of Father de Valk and Catholic Insight by Heritage Canada and an unnamed complainant. As for my own mixed feelings on aspects of this issue, I think my friend Timeimmortal said it best - "I don’t much like it when people align themselves with Caesar and then complain that he’s acting too Roman for their tastes. And since Catholic Insight does accept Heritage Canada money, they have unfortunately opened themselves to this state of affairs — one never gets to lead when one takes Caesar as a dance partner." However in the case of Father de Valk and Catholic Insight I believe a double standard may be at play, that not all animals are

Why is Obama Hiding that he is the "Infanticide Candidate?”

Obama loses by a landslide if the US public knew of his infanticide votes. Fred Obama Campaign Continues Effort to Obscure Opposition to Born Alive Infants Protection Act WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Barack Obama for President Campaign has responded to new documentation revealing that Obama has misrepresented his position with regard to opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. The Susan B. Anthony List offered a response and facts on Obama's record: "The Obama campaign thinks if they continue to repeat their flimsy story about Barack Obama's opposition to the common sense Born Alive Infant Protection Act that their thin explanation will become true. The reality is that actual legislative records directly contradict their story," commented Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List President. "Here's the truth: Barack Obama killed the commonsense Born Alive Infant Protection Act in the Illinois Senate, and his campaign continues its

Gay Agenda McDonald's Food Might Literally Kill You

Why go there? The food might literally kill you and Ronald McDonald appears to wants to make Christianity a hate crime. Fred -"I remember when the first [McDonald's] CEO died how the newspapers eulogized him and they talked about how he LOVED the food at McDonalds and ate it frequently." [] -"McDonald's has gone so far as to accuse those who oppose the gay agenda, including same sex marriage, of being motivated by hate." [Christian Newswire] McDonald's Enters the Catering Business ... to the LGBT Community MAITLAND, Fl., Aug. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recent decisions by the burger-and- fries behemoth, McDonald's has caused quite a commotion in a couple of communities. However, each is experiencing a distinctly opposite reaction. On one hand, McDonald's foray into corporate support of the Lesbian, Gay, Homosexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community is getting rav

"Infanticide Candidate" Obama If Barack Obama is Christian, then I am Spider Man, and I have vertigo! By Gabriel Garnica August 13, 2008 Every time we turn around, Barack Obama is spewing his most recurrent lie; namely, that he is a Christian. This despite the fact that he twists and abuses Scripture to suit his purposes , has lied to cover up his passionate opposition to a bill trying to protect infants surviving abortion from being allowed to die. and seems hell-bent on protecting every kind of abortion possible, even when it amounts to infanticide. Actions Speak Louder Than Words I once heard Obama quote Proverbs — Chapter 22:6 which states "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Considering Obama's relentless, practically passionat

Bob Casey Votes with Radical Pro-Abortion Group 65% of the Time

August 13, 2008 BOB CASEY, JR. TO SPEAK AT CONVENTION; MEDIA MISLABEL HIM PRO-LIFE Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr. will speak at the Democratic National Convention on August 26. His father, Bob Casey, was barred from speaking at the 1992 Democratic National Convention because he was pro-life. Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows: “If a Democrat voted with the National Rifle Association two out of every three times, no one in his right mind would call that person an advocate of gun control. Yet Bob Casey, Jr., who has a NARAL voting record of 65 percent (click here)—meaning that he votes with the radical pro-abortion group two out of every three times—is somehow considered pro-life. Casey can mouth the virtues of pro-life all he wants, but at the end of the day what matters is his voting record. “Casey’s father, contrary to the latest spin, was not denied the right to speak at the 1992 convention because he didn’t endorse Bill Clinton. As Bob Casey said at

“It would Doom [McCain] in Ohio” and Most Battleground States

I'm starting to think McCain doesn't want to win. Maybe we need a third party. Fred McCain's Abortion Remark Stuns Base By Jonathan Martin, posted: 5 HOURS 57 MINUTES AGOcomments: 30filed under: Election News, John McCainPrintShareText SizeAAA(Aug. 14) - Top social conservative leaders in key battleground states are urging John McCain not to pick a running mate who supports abortion rights, warning of dire consequences from a Republican base already unenthused about their nominee. McCain’s comments Wednesday to the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes that former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge’s pro-abortion rights views wouldn’t necessarily rule him out quickly found their way into the in-boxes of Christian conservatives. For those who have been anxiously awaiting McCain’s pick as a signal of his ideological intentions, there was deep concern that their worst fears about the Arizona senator may be realized. “It absolutely floored me,” said Phil Burress, head of the Oh

Pray for Fr. John Corapi

Weekly wisdom Fr. John Corapi, who has sharply curtailed his extensive travel schedule, will now keep in touch via a video subscription service (at around $10 per month): The service will provide a 20-30 minute video/audio presentation each week, produced especially for the "Weekly Wisdom" series. These will be chosen from the Catholic Church’s current liturgical calendar, current events, and/or matters Fr. Corapi believes are of great interest to the People of God. Another feature of "Weekly Wisdom" will be a feature many of you have asked Father Corapi personally for, "Spiritual Directions", where Father will be presenting some of the most important elements of spiritual direction to help you with your personal journey to God. You can view a five-minute video of Fr. Corapi introducing his new service here. posted by Rich Leonardi @ Saturday, February 16, 2008 At 3:24 PM, Anonymous said... All the great preachers including Our Lord were never understo

Goebbels:"The Fuhrer [Hitler] is a Convinced Vegetarian"

Were Nazi's the first government to declare "that non-human animals have 'rights'?” Fred "Here we see a writer in a socialist publication explicitly declaring that non-human animals have "rights." Given the absolute control of the press by the NSDAP, this constitutes an official proclamation." [] Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, noted: "The Fuhrer is deeply religous, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race... Both [Judaism and Christianity] have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end, they will be destroyed. The Fuhrer is a convinced vegetarian, on principle. His arguments cannot be refuted on any serious basis. They are totally unanswerable." Irrespective of whether Hitler, Goebbels or other leading Nazis were, in fact, devout vegetarians, their self-serving rhetoric, claiming the moral

Hitler, Male Supremacy and Homosexuals

However to show how Satanic Sodomy is we should now look at the most destructive and Satanic movement in modern history, Nazism. See The Pink Swastika : Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (Paperback) by Scott Lively, Kevin E. Abrams The influence of the Greek homosexuals on Nazi culture is perhaps explained best by contemporary German psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich in his 1933 classic, The Mass Psychology of Fascism: Among the ancient Greeks, whose written history does not begin until patriarchy has reached a state of full development, we find the following sexual organization: male supremacy...and along with this the wives leading an enslaved and wretched existence and figuring solely as birth machines. The male supremacy of the Platonic era is entirely homosexual...The same principle governs the fascist ideology of the male strata of Nazi leaders (Bluher, Roehm, etc.). For the fascists, therefore, the return of natural sexuality is viewed as a sign of decadence, laciviousness, lechery

Wickedest Man in the World

Wickedest Man in the World By World Net Daily Weeks before Matthew Murray armed himself with enough weaponry and ammunition to kill hundreds, attacking both a Christian missions training center and a Colorado Springs church, he apparently boasted in an e-mail that he had discovered and practiced the teachings of controversial British occultist Aleister Crowley, called during his lifetime "the wickedest man in the world." Murray, 24, of suburban Denver, is believed to have been the gunman who shot and killed Tiffany Johnson, 26, and Philip Crouse, 24, at the Youth With A Mission campus in Arvada, Colo., early last Sunday morning. Then, about 12 hours later, Murray died when confronted by an armed security officer at New Life Church after he shot and killed sisters Stephanie Works, 18, and Rachael Works, 16, in the church parking lot. Half a dozen others were wounded in his attacks. WND reported at the time on the disturbing rantings Murray apparently left on several websites b

Obama Promises "Change" for America One Homosexual Adoption at a Time

By Peter J. Smith WASHINGTON, D.C., August 7, 2008 ( - Barack Obama has once again reaffirmed his support for homosexual adoptions and his intentions to repeal federal regulations protecting the traditional family built on marriage. The Illinois Senator sent a letter outlining his position to Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council, after the homosexual lobby group demanded his response to Republican presidential contender John McCain's statement to the New York Times three weeks ago: "I don't believe in gay adoption." ( The letter gave Obama an opportunity to curry favor with the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) lobby. "We also have to do more to support and strengthen LGBT families," wrote Obama. "Because equality in relationship, family, and adoption rights is not some abstract principle; it's about whether millions of LGBT Americans can fi