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Gay Agenda McDonald's Food Might Literally Kill You

Why go there? The food might literally kill you and Ronald McDonald appears to wants to make Christianity a hate crime.


-"I remember when the first [McDonald's] CEO died how the newspapers eulogized him and they talked about how he LOVED the food at McDonalds and ate it frequently."

-"McDonald's has gone so far as to accuse those who oppose the gay agenda, including same sex marriage, of being motivated by hate."
[Christian Newswire]

McDonald's Enters the Catering Business ... to the LGBT Community
MAITLAND, Fl., Aug. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recent decisions by the burger-and- fries behemoth, McDonald's has caused quite a commotion in a couple of communities. However, each is experiencing a distinctly opposite reaction.

On one hand, McDonald's foray into corporate support of the Lesbian, Gay, Homosexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community is getting rave reviews from the folks at The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The McDonald's Corporation paid $20,000 to become a member of NGLCC and have a seat on the board of directors. Richard Ellis, McDonald's USA vice president of communications was "thrilled" to join the chamber and stated that he "shares the NGLCC's passion" for business growth and development in the LGBT community.

On the other hand, this foray has sparked the ire of groups such as the American Family Association (AFA) who is currently calling for a boycott of McDonald's - until they remain neutral in the culture war. Another company, the Timothy Plan Family of mutual funds handles McDonald's pro-homosexual activism in a uniquely different fashion. This fund family refuses to invest in McDonald's because of the fact that they are promoting, what the fund calls, Non- Traditional Married Lifestyles.

Arthur Ally, President of the Timothy Plan says, "It continues to amaze me that corporations, like McDonald's, continue to publically and financially support things that alienate their consumer base. Shareholders as wells as customers should be outraged at the blatant position this company has taken on this issue." He continues, "McDonald's corporation has a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to continue to earn profits and expand their company. By alienating such a large consumer base, the Christian community, they are undoubtedly neglecting this responsibility."

The Timothy Plan is classified as a socially responsible (SRI) investment fund family, but Mr. Ally says that his funds are "morally responsible". He contends, "We are a Pro-Life/Pro Family mutual fund group. We are uniquely different from your typical SRI fund in that we will not invest in companies that are involved in the areas of Pornography, Abortion, Anti- Family Entertainment and the promotion of Non- Married Lifestyles".

McDonald's support of and involvement in the NGLCC is not the only reason the Timothy Plan and AFA avoid the company. "McDonald's has gone so far as to accuse those who oppose the gay agenda, including same sex marriage, of being motivated by hate. I wonder if McDonald's officially recognizes, or even has, a Christian employee group, because they certainly recognize McDonald's Gay, Lesbian and Network" he concludes.

So it appears, according to Mr. Ally, McDonald's now does cater - to the Lesbian, Gay, Homosexual and Transgender community.

If you would like to interview Art on this, or any other, subject of how your audience can incorporate an entirely new element into their investment decisions and discover how to discern between companies that make business decisions rooted in a value system that aligns with theirs and those that don't call the number above.

Christian Newswire

Work for McDonald's? It Can Kill You - Literally

Cody Dawg Addicted to MacNN

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Read here.

Remember when the first CEO of McDonald's died suddenly of a heart attack - while at a convention here in Florida?

This guy stepped into the position to run the company. Then he's diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Now he's dead too. Both of them died at young ages.

Reminds me of that movie Supersize Me where the guy's health went downhill terribly in only 30 days because he lived on McDonalds.

The third CEO must be shaking in his shoes.

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f1000 Professional Poster

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GoGoReggieXPowars Mac Elite

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I doubt anyone with that kind if money even steps foot into one of their restaurants to eat, I know I sure wouldn't.

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Cody Dawg Addicted to MacNN

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I disagree, actually. I remember when the first CEO died how the newspapers eulogized him and they talked about how he LOVED the food at McDonalds and ate it frequently.

Charlie Bell, the guy that took over and just died of cancer, worked at McDonald's for a very long time before moving up in the company. Cancers, especially colon cancer, sometimes start years earlier.

That's why screening is so important.

You guys out there, get a colonoscopy done at 40. They say to get it done at 50, but a lot of men develop it in their late 30s and early 40s. It's a very common cancer. A colonoscopy is THE easiest procedure. You drink a lemonade flavored drink the night before, go in the next morning, they lightly sedate you, it takes about 30 minutes total and you're out of there within an hour. Health insurance will pay for it. If you have a polyp, which is what becomes cancerous, they remove it - along with your risk for cancer.


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