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A Catholic Monitor Discussion on Sedevacantism

  Below is a Catholic Monitor comment section discussion on Sedevacantism: Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said... The “Recognize and Resist” crowd—which includes Burke, the SSPX, Kwasniewski, 1P5, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, Lifesite, The Fatima Center…—is busily redefining the papacy. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge that, as a pertinacious and manifest heretic, Francis cannot possibly be an actual pope since actual popes must be actually Catholic. Further, they refuse to see that it takes no legal authority whatsoever to recognize this factual reality, any more than one must be a coroner to recognize a dead body. The coroner merely has the authority to later officially pronounce the body dead. But the body was already factually dead, though not yet legally dead. Further, one need not like the fact that the body is dead; yet it remains dead, regardless of any legal declaration and regardless of one’s feelings. For more on “R & R” madness, see these post