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Cdl. Parolin vs. Pope Francis?

Did Pope Francis keep Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga "co-ordinator" of the papal inner circle C9 in office for seven months despite his knowing of the Cardinal's scandal? The United Kingdom Spectator's Damian Thompson reported on who may be behind this embarrassing expose of Francis's "Vice-Pope" or "co-ordinator" of the C9: "Are we to believe, then, that Francis kept Maradiaga in office for seven months while the outside world was told nothing of this scandal?" "Some Catholic observers are speculating that Maradiaga is the victim of a hit job by forces inside the Secretariat of State, the sprawling department of the Pope’s ‘prime minister’ Cardinal Pietro Parolin." "Parolin’s increasingly powerful... profoundly threatened by a new model of Church government... known as 'C9'. Taking out its co-ordinator would effectively demolish this divided and unimpressive body – and also help Parolin position himself a

Cdl. Burke Keep your Word: Issue First Correction & possibly Second Correction on January 7 after Epiphany so Francis can Recant or be "Canonically Guilty of Heresy"

Last year, Cardinal Raymond Burke in an exclusive interview gave a timeline on the "formal correction" of Pope Francis: "Now of course we are in the last days, days of strong grace, before the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord... -the whole mystery of Our Lord's Birth and His Epiphany- so it would probably take place sometime after that." (LifeSiteNews, "Exclusive: Cardinal Burke suggests timeline for 'formal correction' of Pope Francis," December 19, 2016) All faithful Catholics must pray that Cdl. Burke keeps his word and after Epiphany, on January 7, that he issue the first correction and possibly the second formal correction. It is possible that the Dubia Cardinals, Cld. Burke and Cardinal Walter Brandmuller, have already issued the first correction to Francis. On January 4, LifeSiteNews reported that Cdl. Brandmuller told the Vatican Insider: "'I believe that Cardinal Burke is convinced that a formal correction mus