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Are Pope Francis & Cupich Catholics or Dung Covered with Snow Lutherans?

Slideshow Cardinal Blase Cupich, in his latest column wrote: " The Holy Father’s core conviction about the resurrection of Jesus also helps us make sense of his urging not to judge others or become an obstacle by denying God’s grace to those whose lives are imperfect. The pope rightly believes that, as one who has broken down the barrier between time and eternity through his resurrection, Christ loves without limit or condition." "... For instance, like Pope Francis, he advocated for “the law of gradualness” when it comes to judgment in particular cases. He wrote that there is a need to recognize “the distinction between objective disorder and subjective guilt, which depends greatly on intentions, motivations and concrete circumstances. … In this line the law of gradualness has been rightly developed. … As judge, Christ is not a cold legalist.” "... Absent such an appreciation, there will always be a tendency to fixate on laws and rules, or to place one’

In this Time of Darkness in the Church, What do we do?

One of the greatest saints, St. Catherine of Siena, gave the following advice to those who seek the reformation of the Church. She said: "I shall recognize whether we have truly conceived love for the reform of holy Church, because if this is indeed the case, you will follow the will of God." (Letters, December 1378) She said we do this by praying for the grace of loving God above everything including ourselves and loving our neighbor as ourselves wishing their salvation. If you are fearful because of the crisis and darkness in the Church, remember that Jesus, the saints and angels are in this battle with you. I know St. Catherine is praying for us to have light and peace who are seeking the reformation of the Church. She is praying for us as she prayed for Niccolo in his darkness and fear: "I waited for him at the place of execution, and as I waited, I kept praying in the presence of Mary and Catherine, virgin and martyr. Before he arrived, I lay down and s

China, Pope Francis's Bloody Hands and the Effeminate Church's Response to the Scandal

As Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate so it appears that China's Catholics will suffered under Pope Francis. Were Pilate's hands innocent of the blood of Jesus after he washed his hands in water? Are Francis's hands innocent of the Chinese victim's blood to come after his so-called "diplomatic action to dialogue?" The Vatican spokesperson for the Pope, Greg Burke in a statement asserted that Pope Francis has been "in detail" informed about everything happening in China directly by the Secretariat of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. The January 30 statement said: "[T]he Pope is in constant contact with his collaborators, in particular in the Secretariat of State, on Chinese issues, and is informed by them faithfully and in detail on the situation of the Catholic Church in China.” [ ] Is the Francis/Parolin action a sc