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China, Pope Francis's Bloody Hands and the Effeminate Church's Response to the Scandal

As Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate so it appears that China's Catholics will suffered under Pope Francis.

Were Pilate's hands innocent of the blood of Jesus after he washed his hands in water?

Are Francis's hands innocent of the Chinese victim's blood to come after his so-called "diplomatic action to dialogue?"

The Vatican spokesperson for the Pope, Greg Burke in a statement asserted that Pope Francis has been "in detail" informed about everything happening in China directly by the Secretariat of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. The January 30 statement said:

"[T]he Pope is in constant contact with his collaborators, in particular in the Secretariat of State, on Chinese issues, and is informed by them faithfully and in detail on the situation of the Catholic Church in China.” []

Is the Francis/Parolin action a scandal as well as profoundly immoral and wicked?

Would it be evil if Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin in a "diplomatic action to dialogue with Herod" handed Jesus, Mary and Joseph over to the well known king and mass murderer?

In 2016, Cardinal Joseph Zen said it best on what the Francis/Parolin "diplomatic action to dialogue" with the Chinese Communist regime means:

"[T]oday would our diplomats advise Joseph to go and humbly beg for dialogue with Herod?"
(OnePeterFive, "The Wisdom of Cardinal Zen," January 29, 2018)

The National Review's Michael Dougherty allowed a underground Catholic to explain what the papal "diplomatic action" means to those who are being handed over to the Chinese regime:

"Everybody, and I mean everybody, knows someone who was murdered, or tortured, or disappeared to defend the principle that was just abandoned."
(National Review, The Vatican's Deal with China: What to make of the Cardinal Parolin's Diplomacy," January 23, 2018)

Even the middle of the road, always cautious, Robert Royal said:

"I've never encountered more brazen and manipulative liars than Communist Chinese officials responsible for relations with religious believers... a regime that we can be sure will not respect the freedom of the Church since it doesn't respect the freedom and dignity of its own people."
(Catholic Thing, "The China Syndrome," January 29, 2018)

The internationally recognized authority on China, who lived and did research in the country, Steven Mosher said on the "horrors" he "witnessed in China":

"On a scale of evil from one to ten, this was a ten... absolute evil... Crosses are currently being ripped off the top of churches, and home church leaders are being arrested and tortured... Any political party that will kill 400 million of its own unborn citizens... will stop at nothing to achieve its goals."
(Church Militant, "China Expert Steven Mosher: Regime Poses 'Mortal Challenge' to US Interests," November 27, 2017)

Can anyone argue that the Francis/Parolin handing over of the Chinese Catholics to the torturing and murdering Communist regime is not a profound scandal and an immoral action?

Can anyone argue that it is not a scandal and evil action against the Chinese Catholics?

A commenter on the Catholic Monitor called Jac said:

"I would compare this evil deed of the Pope towards the Chinese Catholics to the kissing of Jesus by Judas."

"I am ashamed that nobody among the high ranked Cardinals has dared to protest."

The cardinals, bishops and all of the liberal and most of the conservative Catholic media (EWTN being a exception as well as a few others) are not behaving like men. They are especially not behaving like Jesus Christ who declared:

"It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones."

Former federal investigator Leon J. Podles, Ph.D., thinks that the bishops don't behave like Jesus or even like men.

Being amazed at how bishops in the Church are effeminate, Podles wrote:

"Gilbert Kilman, a child psychiatrist, commented, 'What amazes me is the lack of outrage the church feels when its good work is being harmed. So, if there is anything the church needs to know, it needs to know how to be outraged.'"

"Mark Serrano confronted Bishop Frank Rodimer, asking why he had let his priest-friend Peter Osinski sleep with boys at Rodimer’s beach house while Rodimer was in the next bedroom: 'Where is your moral indignation?'”

"Rodimer’s answer was, 'Then I don’t get it. What do you want?' What Serrano wanted Rodimer to do was to behave like a man with a heart, a heart that is outraged by evil. But Rodimer couldn’t; his inability to feel outrage was a quality that had helped make him a bishop. He would never get into fights, never rock the boat, never 'divide' but only 'unify.'” []

Podles shows that a true Catholic man and follower of Jesus Christ has a manly and fatherly heart that is outraged by evil:

"Aquinas, too, says that 'lack of the passion of anger is also a vice' because a man who truly and forcefully rejects evil will be angry at it. The lack of anger makes the movement of the will against evil 'lacking or weak.' He quotes John Chrysostom: 'He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.'”  []

The cardinals, bishops and all of the liberal as well as most of the conservative Catholic media (EWTN being a exception as well as a few others) are not behaving like men.

The effeminacy of the cardinals, bishops and all of the liberal as well as most of the conservative Catholic media are shown by their not having manly and fatherly hearts that are outraged by the Francis and Parolin action which is the moral equivalent of  a "diplomatic action to dialogue with Herod" in order to hand Jesus, Mary and Joseph over to the well known king and mass murderer.

Say a Our Father now for the suffering Chinese Catholics and that every person on the earth with a shred of decency cry out against this scandal and profoundly immoral action of Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin.


Praypraypray said…
Thank you, again, Mr. Martinez, for another excellent, thought provoking article. Where is the outcry from Catholics over this evil!?! Thank you for the quotes from Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint John Chrysostom. I do so
appreciate them, as I am a pro-life sidewalk counselor who wonders sometimes if people bleed, today... if they ever get angry over murder!?!
One father who brought his girl”friend” to the abortion mill to have their baby killed, told me it was her body. He looked like a fairly handsome, somewhat intelligent, college graduate. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him that he has to know that the baby in his girl”friend”’s womb was a whole separate other person, complete with his/her own separate DNA. He didn’t want to “go there”, so I asked him if he was his mother when he was in her womb...!?! For many years, I’ve used that question and it always shocks the men into reality. However, this guy said, “Yes.” I was the one who was shocked! I said, “So you are trying to tell me that you were actually your mother!?!”!?! He had his story and he was sticking to it and he said, “Yes!”!
Of course, he knew he wasn’t his mother when he was in her womb, but, sadly, he was too careless and lazy to even bother making up another excuse or story to make himself feel okay about having his own child killed. Pathetic! I remember trying to counsel him to get him out of his apathetic coma. Whatever I said at that point must have bothered him, because he told me I was too passionate. I, on the other hand, could not understand how he could be so lacking of passion! I asked him if he just lived life on the edges or on the surface and never really lived? He got angry and said that was insulting. I told him I was just following up in what he said to me. I made a comment to him about how silly it must seem, (for him), to be passionate about something as serious as life or death! I actually wondered out loud if he actually bled or had blood in his veins. Spok from Star Trek had more emotion!
Anyway, I’ve tried talking to many Catholics and others over the years to try to get them to be passionate about coming out to pray to help save the lives of the babies in the womb in danger of being killed in abortion. (We know that prayer and counseling work, because we have been there to witness the saving of hundreds of babies lives.) Pathetically, most of those that I and my pro-life friends have asked to come out and just pray are too self-absorbed and concerned about themselves to be bothered. They complain that they feel too uncomfortable, and I suggest they think of the babies and how uncomfortable they might be while being tortuously killed in abortion. There have been post-abortive women joining us pro-lifers to try to talk women out of abortion to help them from making that mistake and to save the babies. If they can come out to pray and counsel, well, then, Catholics and other Christians should be able to come out for 15 minutes once every in a while.
There’s no fire in the belly, so to speak. It’s more like a freezing cold stove that no longer works when it’s needed. I’ve said a few times, that they’d better not try telling me that they would die for Christ, when they cannot even go out of their comfort zone for 15 minutes once in a while to pray for God’s children in the womb, the least amongst us.
I, too, wonder where is the outcry from Catholics over the evil going on within the Vatican and all over the world. Cold silence seems to be the answer of many to the suffering. Well, sins of omission can get one a one way ticket to hell. I pray that God lights a fire under them, here and now, to wake them up and have them do His Will, now, so that they won’t have to suffer in eternal fire, forever after.
Fred Martinez said…
Thank you Praypraypray for your important work and thought provoking comment. Please pray for me. I will pray for you.
Fred Martinez said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Praypraypray said…
Thank you very much! I will pray for you and yours and for your work. Maybe God richly bless you and guide your writing.

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