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Why is the Francis/Marx Team who apparently "Covered...up" Sex Abuse & promote Porn Anti-nuclear Family Propaganda Defaming Pope Benedict?

  The From Rome website reported that "Cardinal Duka of Prague charges [Francis collaborator] Cardinal Marx with Defamation of Pope Benedict XVI": This regards the recent “report on sexual abuse” in the Archdiocese of Munich, headed by Cardinal Marx, and paid for by him, wherein the Holy Father was wantonly calumniated by the MSM round the world, on the basis of an intentionally distorted retelling of the facts.  Cardinal Duka has come to the same conclusion I did, canonically, a week ago, namely, that the then Archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger, had no canonical authority to discipline Father X, who was a priest in the Diocese of Essen Germany, and that therefore the charge of malfeasance was libelous. [] In June, reported: Francis has declined the [fake] “ resignation ” of Munich Archbishop Reinhard Marx, Germany, and asked him to c