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Leftist Tarpley:Don’t Let Soros Hijack Occupy Wall Street

Is Occupy Wall Street the Obama/Wall Street Machine? An Emergency Program for Anti-Wall Street Protestors: Don’t Let Soros Hijack the Movement Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. September 29, 2011 Political mass strike dynamics have been at work in the United States since the Wisconsin and Ohio mobilizations of February and March. Now, there are demonstrations in lower Manhattan and Boston specifically directed against the Wall Street banks. Another protest demonstration is scheduled for Washington, DC, starting on October 6. Good: a political challenge to Wall Street is indeed long overdue. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are skeptical in regard to Obama. There is no sizable constituency for Ron Paul, and the crackpot Austrian school of economics is hardly represented. Above all, there is a desire to break the power of Wall Street. This much is promising, but still not enough to win. The demonstrations appear initially as leaderless groups, engaged in an organic process of d