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Rosary For the Purification of the Church

Catholic author James Larson has established a new website titled Rosary To The Interior: For the Purification of the Church. It is found here:   James asks you to read the Proposal which it contains and think over whether you would like to be of additional help in furthering this effort.    He has also placed a new, short article on my War Against Being site titled Advent which explains why he think it so important and necessary to promote this during the Advent and Christmas season.    It would probably help if you read the Proposal first. The two websites are independent of one another, and for obvious reasons it would seem necessary to keep them separate. Please pray for the effort.   Advent   The Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church , scheduled to occur throughout our nation in parishes on February 2, 2018, now has its own website at: . The meaning, structure, and organiz

St. Catherine's Advice to Cdl. Burke: Do Correction even if it Brings Schism

St. Catherine of Sienna was in the same situation that Cardinal Raymond Burke is now. Catherine knew what Cld. Burke knows which is that if God's will is done, in terms of speaking the truth and reforming the Church, there will be a schism. He fears that if he does God's will and issues the correction to Pope Francis that there will be a schism. The Cardinal needs to take the advice of St. Catherine who is not only one of the greatest saints in history, but a Doctor of the Church. Do God's will no matter the consequences. Do God's will even if it brings about a schism. She knew that if she did God's will and got the French Pope Gregory XI to leave the French court of Avignon and return to Rome that there would be a schism. Catherine knew that as long as Gregory stayed in France that would be no "reform" of "the morals of the clergy" and that the corrupt inner circle of the papacy would get more corrupt leading to the loss of more sou