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"Three-fourths of the Folks who make up the [NY Times] Front Page are Gay"

Post-Christian America WorldNetDaily Friday, May 23, 2008 LAW OF THE LAND Pat Buchanan: Marriage ruling another streetlight on our 'darkening path to perdition' Posted: May 22, 2008 By Patrick J. Buchanan "A Victory for Equality and Justice," blared the headline above the editorial. "Momentous," "historic," "a major victory for civil rights," "a scrupulously fair ruling based on law, precedents and common sense." This was the ecstatic reaction of the New York Times to the California Supreme Court's declaration that homosexuals have a right to marry and have their unions recognized as marriages. Now, there may be hugging around the newsroom at the Times, where one senior writer said, a few years back, three-fourths of the folks who make up the front page are gay. But this is just another streetlight on America's darkening path to perdition as a society and republic. T

Obama: "Even Forcing Catholics and Evangelicals to Pay for Abortions"

If Elected, Barak Obama Would Become 'The Abortion President,' Even Forcing Catholics and Evangelicals to Pay for Abortions WASHINGTON, May 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- Senator Obama's views on abortion would be the most radical and extremist of any President in history and are completely out of step with the opinions of mainstream America. Some of Senator Obama's extremist abortion views are: While a state senator in Illinois, Senator Obama opposed legislation which would prevent the killing of infants that survived late-term abortions. Senator Obama opposed the ban on Partial-Birth abortions which the Supreme Court found to be Constitutional. The ban on this barbaric procedure is overwhelmingly supported by the majority of the American people. He stated one of the first things he would like to do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act which would radically expand abortion rights. Senator Obama recently said after speculating if one of his daughters became pregna

The Greatest Nation in History

God Bless America The Greatest Nation in History Richard Salbato 5-1-1008 (St. Joseph, the Worker) I try to write only about the Faith of the Catholic Church and its relation to our daily lives: how we treat God, how we treat each other, are we doing the right thing in each and every action of our day. Over the years I have seen that people really want to do the right things but emotions get in the way of good thinking. I have also noted that people think they can know what God wants of them without any real learning; in-other-words, they do not want to learn or study. They think God will teach them directly through their own uneducated conscience. This lack of knowledge has opened up the abuse of conscience by cult leaders, who do not see the balance between individual freedoms and the common good. Within the Church there is a war between those who want no laws against their self-created conscience and the written laws of God and the Church. The Church, on the other hand, teache

National Rosary Crusade to Save America and the World

It is certain that America is at the most crucial moment of her history. At this time we would do well to keep in mind the power of the Rosary and the message of Fatima. The Rosary is not merely a devotion. It is weapon of conversion, protection and love. Never has this weapon been more needed than it is today. The Rosary has proven itself as a weapon of protection. Some of the battles in which victory was attributed to the Rosary are: The battle of Lepanto in 1571, which the Church commemorates on October 7th as the feast of the Holy Rosary; the battle of Vienna in 1683 and the battle of Belgrade in 1716. These battles were won against all odds by the power of the Rosary. In each instance Europe was saved from the forces of Mohammed. In the 20th century we have witnessed many examples of Rosary victories. After WWII, the Allies partitioned Austria into four zones. The Russians were in control of the most important section; Moscow, interested in maintaining its control in Austria, garr

Do Obama's Catholic Backers Support Infanticide? Barack Obama's Catholic Backers Dodging His Favoring Abortion, Infanticide by Deal Hudson May 13, 2008 Note: Deal W. Hudson is the director of the Morley Institute for Church & Culture, and is the former publisher and editor of CRISIS Magazine, a Catholic monthly. He is the author of six books and his articles and comments have been published in many newspapers and magazines. When Obama's Catholic supporters attacked Catholic League president Bill Donohue for his criticism of their candidate, they did not mention Obama's support for infanticide. The question will inevitably arise for the distinguished group of Catholics supporting Obama as to how they can defend his preference for infanticide in cases where a child survives a botched abortion. The fury Obama's Catholics vented toward Donohue will only force them to face that question sooner than they may have expected. It's clear to me how it will be answered: It