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Pray & Sacrifice for Francis's "Mighty Clerical Clans... who want... the Intrinsic Evil" of Sin

The Mother of God at Fatima called for sacrifices and prayers for sinners: "[M]ake sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to offer prayers and sacrifices for them." In an interview with LifeSiteNews' Diane Montana on March 7, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, in speaking of Pope Francis's sex abuse summit, said: "There are mighty clerical clans among bishops and cardinals who want... the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts... [to be] acceptable." These "mighty clerical clans... want... the intrinsic evil" of sin to be "acceptable" according to Schneider. Who are these clansmen? The clansmen are Francis's hand picked bishops and cardinals who ran the summit. We must, as the Mother of God said, pray and offer sacrifices for Francis, his "mighty clerical clans" and for the restoration of the Church. Pray an Our Father now, and a decade of the rosary if you have time, for the restorat

Coincidences: After Pell Reprimanded APSA & Shipped for Secret Trial, Francis's Shady Friend Zanchetta installed at APSA

Almost everyone seems to have forgotten that that Cardinal George Pell wrote two letter on May 3 and 5, 2017 reprimanding the Vatican's real estate body APSA for "serious irregularities" and lack of cooperation in the "'moment of truth' for economic reforms." (National Catholic Register, "Cardinal Pell Reprimands Vatican's Real Estate Body for Exceeding it's Authority," May 10, 2017) A few months after the reprimands, by coincidence, Pell was shipped off to Australia to face decade old accusations which ended in a shady secret trail. A few more months later, again by coincidence, Pope Francis installed his shady personal friend Archbishop Gustavo Zanchetta at the APSA who even back then according to the Argentine press was allegedly involved in shady economic mismanagement and who according to recently reported Argentine official Church documents is allegedly a gay pervert. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Churc

Is Pope Francis Teaching the Sin against Hope of Presumption?

Does Pope Francis's Amoris Laetitia as confirmed by the Argentina Letter teach the sin against Hope which is presumption? Francis's teaching apparently declares that those committing adulterous sexual sin can receive Communion and hope to be saved without contrition or are "hoping to obtain forgiveness without conversion." The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches: "[P]resumption... [is] hoping to obtain forgiveness without conversion." (CCC, n. 2092) Amoris Laetitia apparently teaches a type of Martin Luther's Faith Alone heresy of "certain[ty] of salvation without... contrition" which is simply another version of the sin of presumption. The theologian Dr. Lawrence Feingold explains the heresy: "[T]he original doctrine of Luther presumed to be certain of salvation without the necessity of contrition." (Course Notes for Fundamental Moral Theology, December 2009 p. 160) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of

Ash Wednesday Analysis & Proposal for the U.S. Bishops: "[T]his Provides the Solution for the Grave Crisis which now Scourges Christ’s Catholic Church"

" In this extremely painful situation, we would like to suggest that every bishop who truly desires to follow Christ in His immutable Truth possesses a reservoir of power and grace in this supreme crisis. It lies in the hearts all of those of his faithful who truly seek and hunger to follow Christ, and in their prayers for personal and collective interior purification. And it is each individual bishop who has the power and authority to harness and direct these hearts and these graces."   - James Larson It is the Catholic Monitor's honor to post Catholic scholar James Larson's analysis and Proposal for the U.S. Bishops. Larson is an American independent scholar who resembles the British independent scholar Christopher Dawson in depth of analysis and learning. Letter to All U.S. Bishops posted below: Letter to All The Bishops   On Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019, we will be sending the following Letter, b