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Are Socci & Mazza saying If the Benedict Resignation is Valid it brings lawlessness or a State where "the Law is Lost"?

The apparent thesis of Dr. Ed Mazza that Pope Benedict XVI relinquished the power of the Bishop of Rome while remaining the pope (the Successor of Peter) seems to be restating or at least mirroring Antonio Socci's theory. The Socci book theorizes that there would be a "state of exception" which brings lawlessness or a state where "the law is lost" if the Benedict resignation is valid. Both use the quoted phrase a "state of exception" in their thesis. (Taylor Marshall Show, "Is Pope Benedict XVI still (but Francis is Bishop of Rome?) Mazza Thesis Revisited," 1;23:38) Socci in his book appears to be making the case that for Benedict XVI's resignation to be valid then "the entire juridical order" may have to be invalidated where "the law is lost." Benedict's resignation said: "[M]y strengths... are no longer suited to the adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry." For theologian and cano

Are Black Lives Matter and its Media Allies promoting Racism against Latinos, all Non-Blacks and even Non-Muslim Blacks?

  Are Black Lives Matter and its media allies promoting racism against Latinos, all non-blacks and even non-Muslim blacks ? The Black Lives Matter Karenism has reached a new level of insanity and may be targeting non-black minorities, non-Muslims as well as whites. A Latino man was recently fired for "cracking his knuckles" according to the Western Journal: The sound of a person cracking his knuckles is almost universally annoying, but for Emmanuel Cafferty, the habit cost him his job. Cafferty worked for San Diego Gas and Electric and was driving in his company truck near a Black Lives Matter protest in Poway, California, earlier this month, according to KNSD-TV .  He had his arm dangling from the truck window and was reportedly cracking his knuckles, unaware that a man who had been following him snapped a picture and shared it to social media in a since-deleted tweet, accusing Cafferty of making a “white power” gesture with his hand. The organization’s

Sacred Heart Reparation to Kingship of Christ: "Appease the Divine Anger" with Holy Hours, Frequent Holy Communion & Consecration

  St. Margaret Mary who Our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus requested that Fr. Jean Croiset write a book on the devotion in which Jesus asked for f requent Holy Communion for reparation and to grow closer to Him. He wrote: "There is no surer means to be in a short time inflamed with love for Jesus Christ than to receive Holy Communion frequently." (The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Pages 142-143) Catholics must offer reparation to "appease the divine anger by begging mercy of sinners" by: - The weekly Holy Hour - The monthly First Friday - The annual Feast of the Sacred Heart Jesus told St. Margaret Mary: "[R]emain prostate with me an hour, not only to appease the divine anger by begging mercy of sinners, but also to mitigate in some way the bitterness which I felt at that time on finding Myself abandoned by My apostles." (The Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque,  Page 57

Prophecy: "Pope in Exile [in Germany]; whereas the new Pope in Rome will be, in fact, an Anti-Pope"

Please take the 19th century German stigmatist Helen Wallraff's prophecy and the other prophecies as well as the interpretations of them with a grain of salt. Remember what the great saint and mystic St. John of the Cross said: Revelation and reason are better guides to truth than visions. These prophecies are not infallible Church doctrines. The author Yves Dupont's interpretation of the stigmatist's prophecy is interesting because it appears to predicted four Cardinals accompanying a Pope in a time of crisis and a "Roman anti-pope." The 19th century German stigmatist Helen Wallraff's prophecy and other prophecies as well as interpretations of them are from the Dupont book: CATHOLIC PROPHECY THE COMING CHASTISEMENT by Yves Dupont "|i 67. Helen Wallraff ( 19th century). 'Some day a pope will flee from Rome in the company of only four cardinals . . . and they will come to Koeln [Cologne].' Comment: This prophecy lends

Socci & Mazza: Might "Benedict XVI who Relinquished all the Power of Governance... remain... Pope?"

Antonio Socci in his book said "during the days of the polemical statements [by Team Francis] concerning Ratzinger's preface to the book of Cardinal Sarah Bergoglio [Francis] gave a homily that seemed to be a criticism of the pope emeritus, specifically for his 'halfway' resignation." Francis said: "[A] pastor has to... take his leave well, to not leave only halfway." Socci questioned: "To whom is he referring? To Benedict XVI who relinquished all the power of governance while remaining pope?" (The Secret of Benedict XVI, Pages 123-124) In Francis criticizing Benedict's "'halfway' resignation" is he implicitly admitting the apparent thesis of Dr. Ed Mazza that " Benedict XVI who relinquished all the power of governance [as the Bishop of Rome]... remain[ed]... pope [the Successor of Peter] " according to Socci? Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for t

Now that Benedict is out of the Francis Vatican in Germany, will he Explain the Resignation & the Fatima Consecration?

  Today, From Rome reported that Pope Benedict XVI with a "[Vatican] police escort" has left Francis' Vatican for Germany to be with his "sick brother." Furthermore, the report said "there [should]... be a mob of reporters and photographers descending upon the city" to possibly personally question Benedict on the validity of his resignation and the  Catholic Monitor also hopes they will inquire on Fatima and the consecration: Rome Italy, 2:45 PM, une 18, 2020: CNA German edition is reporting moments ago that Pope Benedict XVI has left the Vatican. The reason for his visit is officially to visit his sick brother Georg, who is said to be in a bad state of health. According to the report, the Pope visited his brother this morning. (Update at 6:00 P.M. Rome Time) The Corriere della Sera, one of the leading Left wing newspapers of Milan, has confirmed the report , writing: Ratzinger è accompagnato dal segretario particolare, l’arcive


Please pray for our beloved Bishop Rene Henry Gracida as it is very likely that he will have a operation to replace his right hip. I can never thank him enough for all the kindness he has shown me and my family. I have let him know that he will be in my daily rosary and Mass. He will be in my prayers throughout each day. I ask all Catholic Monitor readers to do likewise. Below is Bishop Gracida's open letter which he posted today: Dear Relatives, Friends and Loyal Readers of . As some of you know, I am going to have an operation to replace my right hip. Because of my age, 97 years, there has been a certain extra amount of caution being manifested by the medical profession.  I have been having a series of consultations with my doctors. I am neutral about whether or not to have the operation although I recognize that my activity, including publishing daily is becoming more difficult with each passing week.  Therefore I place my trust t

Might St. Joseph, who Co-operated in Salvation History, be called a Co-Redeemer?

"Our Lady of America... visionary reported that St. Joseph said about himself: 'I became, in union with my holy spouse, co-redemptor of the human race. Through compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and Mary I co-operated, as no other, in the salvation of the world.' Of course, Joseph means this in the sense that Mary and Joseph are 'auxiliary' co redeemers and not equal co-redeemers with Jesus" -  Fr. Regis Scanlon Might St. Joseph, who co-operated in salvation history, be called a co-redeemer? Does St. Joseph have the same mission as Joseph of the Old Testament? In a dream, the Old Testament Joseph was told how to save Egypt and therefore later he could bring the people of God into that country to save them from death by famine. In a dream, St. Joseph was told how to save the people of God which consisted of Jesus and Mary by bringing them to Egypt to save them from being killed by King Herod. What did a disciple of the Apostle John

Attorney: "Child Pedophiles will be the Next Protected SCOTUS Class" & "We must Cry Bloody Murder to Trump"

  An attorney, with knowledge of "the DC elite," told the Catholic Monitor by email that the Supreme Court ruling for transgenderism and homosexuality, Bostock v. Clayton County , will lead to the legalization  of " Child pedophil[ia]": "Child pedophiles will be the next protected SCOTUS class. Trump made a big mistake relying on the DC elite at the “conservative” Federalist Society to screen his SCOTUS candidates" President Donald Trump and the Republican Party need to take notice that he and his party will own this disastrous ruling and its consequences including, " Child pedophiles [being]...  the next protected SCOTUS class":   "According to Politico , 'the Republican Party seemed generally supportive of both the substance and process by which the Supreme Court extended Civil Rights Act protections to gay, lesbian and transgender workers. President Donald Trump declined to trash the decision, calling it ‘powerful.'

Francis's Gay Sex Abuse Agenda vs. Pope Benedict's Catholic Anti-Sex Abuse Agenda

Francis strolls hand in hand with the anti-gangster and gay rights advocate Fr. Luigi Ciotti. On September 1, Crux reported that Francis said: "Let's call unions between the same sex 'civil unions.'" (Crux, "'I consulted a psychoanalyst,' Pope Francis reveals in new book," September 1, 2017) The gay/lesbian dissenting New Ways Ministry said: "Pope Francis has never, as pontiff, stated his endorsement of [homosexual] civil unions so flatly . (He did support civil unions as a compromise to his opposition towards marriage equality... As pontiff, he did make a ambiguous statement about civil unions...)." (New Way Ministry Bondings 2.0 Blog, "Pope Francis Allows for Civil Unions for Lesbian and Gay Couples," September 2, 2017) The gay movement New Way Ministry endorsed Francis's apparent endorsement of the civil unions of cohabiting homosexual couples. On June 3, 2003 the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinge r (and

Jesse Romero: You ain't Catholic unless you "Vote for Trump"

  My eyes opened wide when conservative Catholic pundit Jesse Romero emailed me his phone number so we'd talk about the traditionalist Catholic Monitor doing a post on his new book "A Catholic Vote for Trump." I like going to daily Mass so at the conservative Catholic church I go to for weekday Masses we are told anyone who wants to receive Holy Communion on the tongue must wait until all the Novus Ordo people recieve on the hand, first. I joked once, "We're the back of the bus people, now" as they finally let us, Trads, get in line. As a former writer for the San Francisco Faith and a one time pro-life activist with some national connections I've met some Catholic media personalities who were a bit different from their media persona. I discovered Jesse's media persona to be who he really is. After talking to Romero for about an hour I found we were both having some deep chuckles and talking as if we came from the same neighborhood.