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Please pray for our beloved Bishop Rene Henry Gracida as it is very likely that he will have a operation to replace his right hip.

I can never thank him enough for all the kindness he has shown me and my family. I have let him know that he will be in my daily rosary and Mass. He will be in my prayers throughout each day. I ask all Catholic Monitor readers to do likewise.

Below is Bishop Gracida's open letter which he posted today:

Dear Relatives, Friends and Loyal Readers of

As some of you know, I am going to have an operation to replace my right hip.
Because of my age, 97 years, there has been a certain extra amount of caution being manifested by the medical profession.  I have been having a series of consultations with my doctors.

I am neutral about whether or not to have the operation although I recognize that my activity, including publishing daily is becoming more difficult with each passing week.  Therefore I place my trust totally in the will of Our Lord which he will surely reveal to me.

Because of my age and because I have a slight problem with the left ventricle of my heart I suspected that my cardiologist would rule out ether and would favor a spinal block for the anesthetic for the operation.

I had a consultation with my cardiologist yesterday and he ruled out a spinal block because of the the three metal devices my spine surgeon implanted in my spine to cure spinal stenosis which was causing sciatica in my right leg.

So my understanding is that I will be given a light dose of ether; perhaps I will be able to listen in as the doctors perform the operation.

I have my next consultation with the surgeon on June 23 and I will learn more about what he will do after he has reviewed the recommendation of my cardiologist.

I will continue to post on Abyssum up until the day of the operation, if there is going to be an operation. If there is to be an operation there will necessarily be a period of silence on which may last as long as a week (or permanently if it be God’s will).

Your prayers for the success of the surgery will be most appreciated.

Yours in Jesus Christ our Lord,

+Rene Henry Gracida

Please pray an Our Father every day for Bishop Gracida at a minimum and more.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Debbie said…
Thank you for sharing Fred. Prayers sent and will continue. God bless and the Virgin protect Bishop Gracida.
Fred Martinez said…
Thank you, Debbie.
Evangeline said…
I'm stunned at his age and willingness to be that dissenting voice for the sake of God and the flock. What a man! God bless him and watch over him, and please return him to us. He's badly needed. Poor man, no rest for the weary, we're clamoring for him already.
Fred Martinez said…
Evangeline rightly said of Bishop Rene Gracida:

"What a man!_

Rene the Lionhearted is a WARRIOR saint as a friend just called him.

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