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Pope Francis's Psychology of the Denial of Sin & its Consequences

-Updated September 8, 2017- This is a brief history of therapeutic psychology which appears to be a major part of Pope Francis's basic assumptions and starting points in life. These therapeutic assumptions and starting points have supplanted the faith in many dioceses and fuelled sexual deviancy and clerical abuse. In a new book, Francis said he went to therapy with a psychoanalyst to "clarify some things." The Pope, also, revealed to the French sociologist author Dominique Wolton his views on objective morality: "Morality is... a consequence of faith, for us Catholics. And for others, morality is the consequence of an encounter with an ideal, or with God, or with oneself." -"The temptation is always the uniformity of rules." -"Whenever I run into a rigid person, especially if young. I tell myself that he's sick. Francis appears to be saying what Nietzsche and therapeutic psychology say: It's not a matter of sin and mak