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A 1960'S TRADITIONAL DOMINICAN Father Dominic De Domenico is a child of the 1960's and a traditional Dominican. He helped out at Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara when Fr. John Sweeny was the pastor. He teaches classes on the rosary and devotion to the Virgin Mary. Q. How and why did you become a priest? A. I was attending Fresno State College and involved with football, and track and field. I wasn't thinking about being a priest. A sister at grade school said I had a vocation, but I didn't think I wanted to do that. I went to Catholic high school and wasn't especially religious. I went to Mass on Sundays and prayed, but when I went college I met those who didn't have the faith. So I started sharing my faith. After three years in college, I began to consider becoming a priest. I went to a principal at the high school around 1960. I was older -- 21 years old. So the principal said it would be better to try the religious order. I had a friend who was a baseball ca