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Casablanca's Captain Pope Francis is "Shocked - Shocked - to find that Homosexuality is going on here!"

Casablanca's Captain Louis Renault Pope Francis upon hearing there are "several" homosexual priests is "shocked - shocked - to find that homosexuality is going on here!" Captain Francis is going to have his chief investigator Cupich report on this shocking scandal in February: "I'm making out the report now. We haven't quite decided whether it is clericalism or consensual sex, but either way who am I to judge." Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Is Pope Francis's Theology a mix of Fascist Leftist Peronism & the Modernist "German... Spirit of the People, the Volkgeist [&]... Pre-Christian beliefs, half-baked Catechism precepts, and Outright Superstitions"?

The executive director of Catholic News Agency and the editor of a papal biography on the current pope Alejandro Bermudez says: The "biggest impact on Francis' thought were Jesuit Fr. Juan Carlos Scannone... a professor of young Fr. Bergoglio- as well as Argentinian Fr. Lucio Gera." (Catholic News Agency, "The theological formation of Pope Francis," March 17, 2018) Scannone is a "second generation disseminator" of Gera's Theology of the People which governs Francis's thought and papacy according to Latin America and Pope Francis expert Claudio Ivan Remeseira. Remeseira says the "thinking of Pope Francis has been shaped by two specifically Argentinian factors... Peronist theologians and priests [such as Scannone who] seek to reconcile their political beliefs with the ecclesiology of the People of God championed by Vatican II." This amounted to a mixture of Franco-like Fascist Peronism with Peronist leftist secular socialism t