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"It Appears that if the Trend Continues the Novus Ordo Mass may be Overthrown by Sheer Numbers"

The future of the Catholic Church will be through the traditional Roman rite, Carmelite rite, Dominican rite, Carthusian rite, Sarum rite, Braga rite, Iberian rite, and all other legitimate ancient rites of the complex patrimony of our western Christendom. The future never was, nor ever will be, actualized through rationalistically inspired iconoclasm concerning liturgy and the undermining orthodoxy and orthopraxy by Modernist clerics and their Masonic allies, who have demonically sought to accommodate to an ideological secularism and all that this implies. At this point in time, one's choice clearly is to be an ally of the saints and our true Catholic forbearers or of the aforementioned numerous arrogant and vicious fools who sought to destroy the Church during the twentieth century.  - Catholic Monitor commenter  MEwbank New York Daily News reported that the fifty year-old Novus Ordo Mass is destroying the Catholic Church in America "[s]ince the 1960s, Mass attendance has pl

@FrDaveNix.. "Isaac of Nineveh... [heretic] Nestorian bishop."..THAT is who the [Francis] synod is quoting in asking you to have "a heart" for "demons.

Fr. Dave Nix  @FrDaveNix Isaac the Syrian is listed on the "New Advent" website as "Isaac of Nineveh... Nestorian bishop." Isaac also apparently held Origin's apokatastasis that all demons would make it back to heaven. THAT is who the synod is quoting in asking you to have "a heart" for "demons." 10:23 AM · Oct 21, 2023 · 9,058 Views


May 25, 2020 Dr. Marshall, for many of us (myself included), your podcasts have been a source of enlightenment, entertainment, and—quite frankly—hope, during this very dark time in the history of the Church.  As someone who studied his way into the Catholic Faith, having the grace and the integrity to acknowledge the necessity of conversion from the Protestant sect to which you formerly belonged, you have not been content to rest on your laurels but have “put yourself out there,” launching the New Saint Thomas Institute and discussing current events  sub luce aeternitatis.   Your willingness to deal with things the way they are, and not the way they would be if we were all painted on holy cards already, is refreshing and appreciated. Accordingly, I am writing to you today in regard to your recent statements about being “open” to the idea that Jorge Bergoglio is not actually the pope.  For a person in your position, so much as admitting that possibility must require all the grace and in