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The only solution is the Iraq Exit Strategy backed by Joe Biden, Michael Savage and Sam Brownback.

‘Let Iraqis kill each other,’ [Iraq] Catholic bishop says, calling for U.S. withdrawal The Catholic News Service reported Chaldean Catholic Bishop Ibrahim N. Ibrahim said: "'Let the Iraqis kill each other, but let the occupying power get out, because they are not killing each other because they are Sunni or Shiite, but because they are with the Americans or against the Americans.'" "'Things are worse and worse and worse every single day, even for the Americans. The best thing is to withdraw, and then let the brothers attack each other,' [Iraq] Bishop Ibrahim said." "U.S. troops should at least withdraw from the cities, and he believes the warring factions would eventually reach some sort of power-sharing arrangement." (See the whole article below by the Catholic News Service) [,+but+because+they+are+with+the+Americans+o

Richard Salbato Makes the Best Case for Why the War In Iraq Must Not be Lost

Richard Salbato makes the best case I know of why the war In Iraq must not be lost. Fred Keep it Simple, Stupid Richard Salbato 7-11-07 When I was designing automation machines (robots), I went to up-state New York to add a feeding system to one of their assembly machines. They were by far the best engineering team I have ever met with. Their systems were amazing, fast, reliable, and if you look closely, very simple. If there were ten ways to do something they would always take the simplest way to do it. In fact, they had one sign on every wall of every room in the huge building: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. In fact, that is what Einstein said about himself. He said that he reduced everything he thought about to simple terms. Truth is simple and takes few words, whereas error is complicated and requires a lot of words and good salesmanship. Error is often accepted simply because it is expedient and always offers the easy way out of any controversy. Truth is not easy but it is simple. Truth

The Real Reason for the War In Iraq?

The Real Reason for the War In Iraq? Was a Iraq threat to destroy the US dollar the real reason for the war in Iraq? Is the president of Iran crazy? Is Iran going to be the next country to try to destroy the US dollar? I don't know. I do know that Richard Salbato is a smart man and has many smart contacts around the world. Fred War With Iran Has To Happen By Richard Salbato When I wrote about and supported the attack on Iraq, I was attacked by even my close friends, saying that even the Holy Father, John Paul II, preached against the war. They also pointed out that the motives for the war were really oil and money and not the threat of Iraq against other countries. I agreed with all that they said, but still supported the war because I have many friends from Iraq who suffered under the dictator and his Eastern European private army. I pointed out that even if the motives were wrong, the results could not be worse than not going in to protect these people. Now that the trial of