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Gun Control: Biden & Hitler vs. Washington & Gandhi

  Francis Notes: - Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales totally confirmed beyond any doubt the possibility of a heretical pope and what must be done by the Church in such a situation: "[T]he Pope... WHEN he is EXPLICITLY a heretic , he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church MUST either deprive him , or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See." (The Catholic Controversy, by St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306) Saint Robert Bellarmine, also, said "the Pope heretic is not deposed ipso facto, but must be declared deposed by the Church." [ ] - "If Francis is a Heretic, What should Canonically happen to him?": - "Could Francis be a Antipope even though the Majority of

Brainwashing Conservatives Voris & Skojec "Lent Credence to... [COVID] Farce" and "should Hang their Heads in Shame"

Influenza cases in the USA, 2016-2021 2016-2017: 29 million 2017-2018: 45 million 2018-2019: 36 million 2019-2020: 38 million 2020-2021: 0.0015 million Masks and distancing work. Actually, they don’t. Covid cases in the USA, 2020-2021 2020-2021: 32 million Ignore the corrupt scientists. There is absolutely no question anymore. Covid is the freaking flu -Ann Barnhardt [ ] Last year, One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec was like pro-abortion eugenicist Michael Savage screaming that the COVID was the Black Plague so we needed totalitarian lockdowns and the banning of the Mass. Church Militant's Michael Voris was more like Bill Gates' collaborator Anthony Fauci calmly explaining how social distancing is needed at Church Militant because the coronavirus isn't hysteria, but is really, really a "plague" and "God's scourge." It was a nice good cop/bad cop routine whic