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Patrick Coffin to Dr. Mazza: "Is it possible we have an Anti-Pope Situation?"

I have lost respect for the mainstream Traditional Latin Mass movement. The movement should be about the Faith and fight to search for the truth against those who are apparently attempting to destroy it and lead Catholics out of the Church. Instead one of the biggest names in the Traditional Latin Mass movement recently insulted the scholar and former history professor Dr. Ed Mazza when he reached out to him. Ed is supremely intelligent and a gentleman to boot. I am not at liberty to give out the insulter's name at this time, but he is a big name. Pray for him. I give the non-Trad conservative Catholic Patrick Coffin all the credit in the world for having Dr. Mazza on his show and sincerely asking: "Is it possible we have an anti-pope situation?" The Catholic Monitor thinks the Coffin show with Mazza is very important and is hoping to do a number of posts on the extremely well done interview. Please listen to it yourself and send the link to your friends and family:   ht

Are Francis's Closest Collaborators Soy Face Boys & is the Traditional Latin Mass is Good for your Health?

    My grandmother was Native American so I found it amusing that the historical book Shut Your Mouth and Save your Life by artist George Catlin said the apparent reason for the Native Americans good health of his time was that they weren't soy face boys like so many of Francis's closest collaborators. The thought also came to me that the Traditional Latin Mass is good for your health because our mouths are not always open like in the Novus Ordo Mass.  The Conscious Breathing website explained Carlin's insights on keeping you mouth shut and breathing through your nose: Catlin recorded his observations of the Native American’s physical characteristics. Like so many other early observers, Catlin was struck by the beauty of their teeth. “These people, who talk little and sleep naturally, have no dentists nor dentifrice, nor do they require either; their teeth almost invariably rise from the gums and arrange themselves as regular as the keys of a piano; and without decay