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Trump's Compelling Speech: "Either we surrender to the demonic forces demolishing our country, or we defeat them in a landslide... Either the deep state destroys America, or we destroy the deep state.”

…   731     2,562 Report   ·  16:55, 25 Mar 2023  ·  View on Twitter  LIVE STREAM VIDEO: President Donald Trump’s First 2024 Campaign Rally in Waco, Texas – Start Time at 5 PM Central (VIDEO) Jessica Ledezma  . @JessicaLedezmaM "Presidente Donald J. Trump "O el ESTADO PROFUNDO destruye Estados Unidos, o NOSOTROS destruimos el Estado Profundo". Quote Tweet RSBN  @RSBNetwork · 4h President Donald J. Trump "Either the DEEP STATE destroys America, or WE destroy the Deep State." https:// -rally-live-president-trump-holds-first-2024-campaign-rally-in-waco-t.html … 0:32 16.6K views 5:19 PM · Mar 25, 2023 · 591 Views Before a huge crowd, Donald Trump in his first rally since he announced he was running for office in 2024 delivered a powerful and compelling speech in which he spoke of building new American cities, promoting new home ownership and creating a new Baby Boom with baby bonuses, but he also spoke of the "demonic forces" w

Did Biden & Francis win the Employee of the Year Award from the Drug Cartels & Soros?

Syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin in 2019 stated that "George Soros" and the "far-left law schools" were behind the "Open Borders Movement" according to the Epoch Times newspaper: Malkin cited lawyers who work pro bono on both sides of the U.S.–Mexico border. “M any of them [are] either subsidized by George Soros or ensconced in far-left law schools . [They] go down to the border and are providing a plethora of ‘Know Your Rights’ seminars, essentially coaching people to undermine the integrity of our asylum system by giving them fake stories,” she said.  [ ] In April, the newspaper reported "Unaccompanied Minor Crisis Sparks Fear of [Transnational Gang] MS-13 Resurgence": The number of unaccompanied children crossing the border is causing concern over the knock-on effects the wave will have on U.S. schools and communities. T