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Media uses "Groundless Allegations" to Attack Pope as it Ignores Public School Teachers "10 to 20 Times Higher" Sexual Abuse Crisis

"It is innuendo, circumstantial "evidence." If such groundless allegations were brought into a courtroom, any sane judge would immediately dismiss the case and fine the accusers for contempt of court. The unjustly accused could easily file a libel suit." "Whenever the media goes into a shark-feeding-frenzy against the Church, their own radical bias is exposed. For example, the number of school teachers accused of sexual abuse of the young, during any given year, is usually about 10 to 20 times higher than the number of accusations against priests. It would be interesting to know the statistics about sexual abuse by journalists." Commentary by Michael O'Brien Note: Michael O'Brien is a Catholic visual artist and author of numerous novels, including "Father Elijah" and "Strangers and Sojourners." March 29, 2010 ( - The media's desperate straining to find evidence of Pope Benedict's complicity in a sexual a