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Is Francis the only Person on Earth not to hear about Roe v. Wade? They say he "Remains Silent," but doesn't that apparently tell you what he really Thinks?

    Holy Communion For Biden & Pelosi Not Up To Clergy But To Their Own Conscience | Canada Free Press Although Pope Francis Remains Silent ... Jorge Bergoglio has met numerous times with Italian Emma Bonino, former radical politician and perhaps the world's single most prolific abortion practitioner and advocate since it mainstreamed in the 1970's. He has praised her numerous times and met with her in extended visits. He has never said anything negative about her or her life's passion for abortion. He obviously cherishes both her and her work, killing children. That is a simple statement of fact. Recently, a group of about a dozen mothers hiked through Europe from France to meet the "Pope" and beg him permission not to take the Traditional Latin Mass away from themselves and their children. He refu