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Will "De Facto Pope" Tucho Fernandez be a new kind of “Pope Emeritus” coadjutor bishop of Rome which is a "hypothetical rarity [that] would be of the same caliber as the figure of 'Pope Emeritus' that Benedict XVI pulled out of the hat”?

Book cover written by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez. (photo: Daniel Ibañez/CNA / EWTN)... ...  The book, originally published in Mexico, was brought to renewed attention on Jan. 8 by Caminante Wanderer , a traditionalist Catholic blog based in Argentina   [] On 3 June 1997, Bergoglio was appointed coadjutor archbishop of Buenos Aires with right of succession. Upon Quarracino's death on 28 February 1998, Bergoglio became metropolitan archbishop of Buenos Aires. Pope Francis  Wikipedia [] The Argentinean insider blog Caminante Wanderer says in the post "Coadjutor bishop for Rome, an absurd hypothesis?" that Francis's  " il coccolato ,  the  pontiff's darling" Cardinal Víctor Fernández is " whisper[ing]  the idea of ​​a coadjutor into the weakened pontifical ears"  whi

Chris Altieri @craltieri..[Francis] @Pontifex railed against “abominable crimes.…” His record since has been abysmal and even scandalous.

Post See new posts Conversation Gavin Ashenden and Michael Haynes follow Chris Altieri @craltieri Follow Five years ago, the @Pontifex railed against “abominable crimes that must be erased from the face of the earth…” His record since has been abysmal and even scandalous. Pope Francis’s “all-out battle” against clerical abuse has been a failure From 11:17 AM · Feb 24, 2024 · 8,956 Views