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Boycott All Pro-Abortion Newspapers

Please join me in boycotting all newspapers which support abortion and sexual sin. I haven't paid for a newspaper since the election. Journalist Teresa Tomio of EWTN radio and many Christian journalists are admitting the vast majority of the media is not just bias, but propagandist for unborn baby killing and the same-sex marriage. I refuse to pay for propaganda. This isn't easy because I love sports. I get around it by going online or to the library for my sports fix. Fred

Gay Mob Swarms Christians:"We're going to Kill you"

WorldNetDaily Watch sparks fly as 'gay' activist mob swarms Christians Residents of homosexual district: 'We're going to kill you. We know who you are' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: November 17, 2008 10:16 pm Eastern By Chelsea Schilling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WorldNetDaily Hundreds of homosexual activists rushed out of bars and swarmed a group of Christians who were singing songs in San Francisco's Castro District – and some even threatened to kill the worshippers. A group of Christians had been singing and praying in the "gay" district for several days, but they never expected an angry mob would run them out. However, that's what happened Friday night. One woman who was attacked told her story with Pastor Lou Engle at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. She said the group's fellowship had been peaceful for several

Gay Fascist Attacks on Mormons and Prince

Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 5:16 PM To: undisclosed-recipients Subject: Hollwood Blacklist : We are all Mormons - - the Aftermath of Prop 8 Flashreport Hollwood Blacklist : We are all Mormons By Shawn Steel November 26, 2008 Richard Raddon, LA Film Festival's director was hounded from his job because he is a Mormon who gave $1500.00 to a proposition that supports that marriage is between a man and a woman. Scott Eckern, Artistic director of the California Musical Theater, for 26 years earned the wrath of the Gay Fascist Left who demanded his head. Eckern also a Mormon was forced out of his job. His action was to write a check for $1000 for Proposition 8. His sister is a lesbian and they are close. But he chose to exercise his constitutional rights and it cost him his career. Majorie Chrisofferson, a manager for El Coyote restaurant, gave only a $100 and her employers and business is getting trashed. Even Prince, the 80's rocker, who is now a recent Jehovah's Witness

Gays Assault Elderly Woman, Stomp on a Cross and Scream the N-Word Written by admin on November 15, 2008 in: Activists, Change is Coming | Tags: angry protestors, California homosexual activists, CBS, Gays Assault Elderly Woman, homosexual activists, KPSP, Palm Springs, Phyllis Burgess, Prop 8, Prop 8 protest, Scream the N-Word, Stomp on a Cross Its kind hard to tell who is on who’s side in the video but its actually a few hundred angry gay rights protestors against one senior Christain citizen with a cross. This bunch of degerates ridiculed, pushed, and screamed at this little old lady before and after they ripped the cross from her hand, stomped on it and pushed her down. After they rough up the elderly woman, California homosexual activists used N-word against blacks, marched through police blockades, pounded on doors of businesses, and protested outside churches. Homosexuals are demonstrating their intense intolerance against people of fait

Gay Brown Shirts Issue Death Threats to Mormons Insanity in Cali: “Vote Yes” signs stolen, death threats issued If this doesn’t beat all, I don’t know what will. Nice Mormon folks who simply want to vote their conscience and raise awareness about the need to preserve the traditional definition of marriage are being targeted with death threats by anti-Proposition 8 sign-stealing hatemongers. At least a dozen people in a California LDS ward have received these threats, including a bishop and a Young Single Adult branch president. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to post the location of this occurrence. That would be bad news for the folks who keep having to deal with this. But rest assured, this is not a hoax. There will be public record police reports to look at soon. This is an outrage no matter which side of the fence you’re on with this issue. Have we sunk so low as to resort to third-world tactics? Are the supporters of the gay agenda going to start going door-to-door, pulling pe

Coming War: Obama vs. Catholic Church

The Coming "War" Between the Obama Administration and the Catholic Church By John-Henry Westen WASHINGTON, November 19, 2008 ( - The possible signing of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) by President-Elect Barack Obama would be "the equivalent of a war" an unnamed senior Vatican official recently told TIME magazine. The startling comments make the second time this week that a Vatican official has forthrightly and in the strongest language condemned Obama's extreme policies on abortion. Speaking at the Catholic University of America a few days ago, Vatican Cardinal James Stafford labeled Obama's anti-life policies as "aggressive, disruptive, and apocalyptic," also noting that, "On November 4, 2008, America suffered a cultural earthquake" (see coverage: ). With Catholic, but outspokenly pro-abortion individuals occupying two prominent positions (Joseph Biden as vice p

Palin's Political Star Power Stronger Than Ever

Saturday, November 22, 2008 5:30 AM ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Oprah wants her, and so do Letterman and Leno. Fresh from her political defeat, Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write books, appear in films and sit on dozens of interview couches at a rate that would be astonishing for most Hollywood stars, let alone a first-term governor. The failed Republican vice presidential candidate crunched state budget numbers this week in her 17th-floor office as tumbling oil prices hit Alaska's revenues. Meanwhile, her staff fielded television requests seeking the 44-year-old Palin for late-night banter and Sunday morning Washington policy. Agents, including those from the William Morris Agency, have come knocking. There's even been an offer to host a TV show. "Tomorrow, Governor Palin could do an interview with any news media on the planet," said her spokesman, Bill McAllister. "Tomorrow, she could probably sign any one of a dozen book deals. She could start talking to people