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If Pope Francis is a New Pope Paul 6 , What can we do?

It appears Pope Francis is following Pope Paul 6 in issuing true teaching, but creating an environment where the moral teaching is not followed.  What can we do that wasn't done in the 60's breakdown? Speak the objective truth and pray. Email everyone in your email list to pray for the Pope to teach the truth with mercy as Pope JP 2 did. Pray that Jesus remove all bad advisers and bring advisers like JP2 to advise him.  If you are reading this you are the one to start a prayer crusade for this Pope. Prayer for Pope Francis to follow in the foot steps of a future doctor of the church, Pope JP2, or at least be given the grace not to harm the Church as it was harmed by the 60's breakdown.  In JMJ,Fred Martinez The Synod by Steve Wood  October 2014, Volume 20, Number 6 Family Synod’s Lasting Harm to Catholic Men, Families, & Youth I can’t remember where I came across this riveting Civil War question, “Why didn’t the Civil War soldiers turn in battle when