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"Pence will have Two Choices. He can Roll Over on 'Certified' Electors, or he can Uphold the Law" & another Option in case Pence is a Judas

  Might Vice President Mike Pence have betrayed President Donald Trump and the country like Judas betrayed Jesus? Judas handed Jesus over to His enemies to kill him. Did Pence hand President Trump over to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his collaborators such as Dr. Anne Schuchat who were demonstrably wrong in their 2016 predictions on the so-called Zika virus crisis? Remember Trump entrusted Pence to put together the White House Coronavirus Task Force which for all intents and purposes is a mouthpiece for former Obama administration Zika hoax collaborator pro-abortion Fauci. It seems that it is Pence who apparently was trusted by Trump who handed the president over to Fauci's coronavirus predictions when it is a known fact that his exaggerated Zika virus predictions were wrong. -Catholic Monitor [ and "Can Trump Trust his Vice President & did Pence Lie about Gen. Flynn?": http://catholi