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How might Francis Trads and Conservatives Catholics become Full-blown Modernist Heretics?

"Obviously there could be no more effective way of reducing the teaching on the necessity of the Church for the attainment of eternal salvation to an empty formula than the explanation advanced by  Newman [in "Letter to the Duke of Norfolk] in what are probably the least felicitous pages of all his published works. That explanation is certainly one of those reproved in the encyclical letter Humani generis." (The Catholic Church and Salvation: In the Light of Recent Pronouncements by the Holy See, By Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton, Member of the Pontifical Theological Academy, 1958,  Page 126) Francis apologist Mike Lewis of the Where Peter Is blog who is also an apologist for Communion for adulterers and pachamama worship has finally shown me how it appears some Francis traditionalists and conservative Catholics become first liberal Catholics, that is semi-Modernists, and finally full-blown Modernist heretics. The answer appears to be that they reject Thomistic r

Br. Buguolo has "been Tasked by Bishop Gracida to Contact one of" the "40 to 70" Silent Fearful Anti-Francis Cardinals & Brother asks for Volunteers

One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo said in the comment section of the Catholic Monitor that he has "been tasked by Bishop [Rene] Gracida to contact one of" the "40 to 70" silent fearful anti-Francis Cardinals who are silent because of their petrifying fear of Francis and his Vatican as reported by Vatican Expert Edward Pentin. Br. Buguolo is asking for lobbying "volunteers [for] a team to do this work": "The intelligence gathered by Fred here is an action item for the whole Church. WE NEED TO IDENTIFY AND CONTACT these 40 to 70 Cardinals and get them to call an imperfect Synod." "I have been tasked by Bishop Gracida to contact one of them, I would appreciate volunteers forming a team to do this work. Blogging is not going to solve the process, we must move to lobbying. I would especially invite experts in this practice who realize that getting the problems solved at the Vatican is the bes

Is Effeminate Francis's Amoris Laetitia the Mother of the Explicit Francis-Homoheresy and the Implicit Francis-Sex-Abuse Heresy?

Texan Guy McClung  of the American Catholic said the effeminate Francis's Amoris Laetitia is the mother of all Francis-heresies including the Francis-homoheresy: "[T]he evil spawn of the Bergolgian heresies... Bergoglianism are based on the core principles of his exhortation, Amoris Laetitia . These include:  1. There is no mortal sin,  i.e. no sin so grievous that when the sinner is unrepentant results in the eternal loss of sanctifying grace; 2. This is true even for those aware of the demands of the divine law; 3. Divine grace does not make all mortal sins avoidable; 4. A situation’s circumstances can dismiss one from the demands of the divine law; 5. Depending on the situation and its circumstances, God sometimes wills a person to sin; and 6. For those God judges and who are then sent to hell, hell is not eternal, the fire is not everlasting; and no one is condemned forever. [see, in addition to the numerous verbatim quotations from public statements of Jorge Bergog

Is Archbishop Lenga in Schism & can a Bishop be "Suspended" by another Bishop?

-Updated March 25, 2020 Archbishop Jan Lenga rejected "being de facto suspended by Wioclawek  Bishop Wieslaw Meeting, Poland." (, "Archbishop Lenga will not Respect Sanctions,"  February 25, 2020) There are reports that Texas Bishop Rene Gracida supports Archbishop Lenga, but the Catholic Monitor hasn't been able to confirm those reports. Is Archbishop Lenga in schism as some are stating for claiming Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was invalid thus Francis is an antipope? It must be remembered in history that St. Bernard of Clairvaux claimed the supposed pope in Rome was an antipope as Lenga is doing and was declared correct by an imperfect council which he headed. Was St. Bernard in schism? The Arian heretics were saying the same thing about St. Athanasius. That he was in schism. The saint was resisting the Arian heretic bishops even apparently outside the valid pope's approval. It appears that Archbishop Lenga may force the c

Do Francis & Parolin want to turn Italy into a Totalitarian Regime like China in Terms of Censorship?

On Friday, Church Militant reported that Francis's Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin apparently endorsed the extreme leftist and pro-gay movement Sardines. Parolin said of the leftist movement "it's important to value all that is actually good in these movements." The extreme leftist Sardines are demanding unlimited mass immigration lawlessness and conservative politician censorship according to Church Militant: "The protesters demand... repeal of the [anti-unlimited mass immigration] 'Security Degree's... [totalitarian-like conservative politician censorship by] regulation [of] social [internet] platforms." (Church Militant, Vatican Supports Pro- Migrant, Anti- Salvini Movement," December 27, 2019) This is the same Francis and Parolin who have betrayed the Chinese Catholic underground Church to the totalitarian Communist Chinese regime which is known for extreme censorship. Do Francis and Parolin want to turn Italy

Is "Petrifying" Fear Keeping Francis, the King of the "Fear Factor," in Power?

Today, Crux's headline was "Church must deal with ‘fear factor’ keeping bad bishops in power." The pro-gay website said: “'Fear' is a word you see a lot in the 60-page report on Bishop Michael Bransfield, which was published on Monday by the Washington Post ." "... The report is a tale of an often-intoxicated predator, freely spending the diocese’s money, with no check on his power." "This behavior, according to the report, even predated Bransfield’s time as a bishop, with reports of misbehavior going back to his time at Washington’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, where he spent most of his priestly career before his episcopal appointment." "Witnesses reported sexual comments, unwanted touching, and other harassment and abuse throughout Bransfield’s career, but no one said anything.' "... Why? Fear." "Priests and seminarians knew their careers were in the hands of the bi

Francis-Catechism for Francis-Sins for a Francis-Confessional

Francis said he wants to add "ecological sin" to the Catechism of the Catholic Church according to LifeSiteNews: "'We have to introduce―we are thinking about it―to the Catechism of the Catholic Church the sin against ecology, the 'ecological sin' against our common home, because a duty is at stake,' Pope Francis told his hearers. The Argentinian pontiff made the remark in a speech he gave today to the 20th World Congress of the International Association of Penal Law in Rome." [  ] I think his focus on only ecological sin is too narrow. He needs to bring everyone up to speed on all the new and improved Francis-sins for the Francis-confessional. Here is what that new and improved Francis-confession at the Francis-confessional might sound like: Bless me Father-Mother for I have sinned. It has been about four years since my last Franc

Did "the Distribution of Thousands of Copies of Pro Benedict Printed Materials to the Roman Curia" bring about Francis's Sacking of Sodano? & an IMPORTANT CALL TO ACTION

One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo said in the comment section of the Catholic Monitor that "the distribution of thousands of copies of pro Benedict printed materials to the Roman Curia and seminarians and clergy of the City [of Rome]" may be the cause of Francis's sacking of Cardinal Angelo Sodano as the Dean of the Cardinals: "Your report implies another possible line of investigation. Did Sodano go alone or announce a papal resignation, knowing it was invalid, so that thereby he would have grounds to extort Bregoglio to remain in power. Bergoglio removed Sodano just as the wave of Benedict is still Pope because of Substantial error, broke in Rome, with the distribution of thousands of copies of pro Benedict printed materials to the Roman Curia and seminarians and clergy of the City. Because with the cat out of the bag, as it were, there was no more leverage Sodano could use?" He is referring to the Catholic

Francis's Christmas Message: Hegelian Process Theology & "New Age... Syncretism"

Church Militant reported yesterday that a theologian who wished to remain anonymous said Francis's Christmas message to the Roman Curia was a "returning to progressive 'process theology.'" Moreover, the Catholic news website's anonymous theologian statement was echoed by theologian Fr. Dwight Longenecker on December 21 on Twitter: "[I]n response to the pontiff's [Christmas message] remarks, he [Longenecker] simply posted the words 'Process Theology' followed by a link to the Wikipedia entry on the topic." (Church Militant, "Pope Spouts 'Evolutionary  Theology in Christmas Address," December 24, 2019) What is process theology? The Fr. Longenecker link in the Themes section on the Wikipedia entry topic to Process Theology says: "The universe is characterized by process... God contains the universe but is not identical with it (panentheism, not pantheism or pandeism)... God is changeable." What is Panentheism

Is Abp Vigano moving towards Socci's Position on "Pope Bergoglio" & might he join Bp Gracida in calling for an Imperfect Council?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano appears to be moving closer to Antonio Socci's way of speaking of Francis in his recent defense of the Virgin Mary against Francis's attack on her title of co-Redemptrix. Like Socci he only called Francis "Pope Bergoglio" in the recent statement which could infer that he may be considering joining Bishop Rene Gracida in calling for an imperfect council to investigate and judge if Francis's conclave and Pope Benedict XVI's resignation were valid or invalid. Also, in his recent defense of the Virgin Mary he echoed something Socci wrote about Francis: "Those of us who have not let ourselves be deceived... must unite and face off against the Evil One." (LifeSiteNews, "Abp Vigano's defense of Virgin Mary in response to Pope Francis," December 20, 2019) Socci in his new book appears to be saying Benedict XVI is  a "supernatural... containment" of "Bergoglio" (Francis) who he equates with

Why Doesn't Pro-China Francis Denounce "Hundreds of Thousands" in Detention Camps in China for Christmas?

Today, The Hill's headline was pro-China Francis "denounced 'inhumane detention camps' for migrants in Christmas message." Francis who is a collaborator of the Communist Chinese regime against the Chinese Catholic underground Church, however, was silent about the "hundreds of thousands" of people in China's mass detention camps'. (New York Times, "China's Detention Camps for Muslims Turn to Forced Labor, "December 16, 2018) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Christmas Angels: God Only, God Only, God Only

"Remember him [the angel] who revealed to St. Joseph the mystery of the Incarnation... who served our gracious Saviour in the stable of Bethlehem... who attended on His most holy Mother... Nine Choir of the Holy Angels... [singing] God only, God only, God only." (The Hidden Life of Jesus: A Lesson and Model to Christians by Henri-Marie Boudon, Page 150) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It appears that Francis and the Gay Lobby are Victorious over Sodano's Old Guard

It seems that the alliance of the Gay Lobby and the Old Guard that apparently was involved with the engineering of the election of Francis is breaking up and the allies are now at war. Francis appears to run the Gay Lobby while Cardinal Angelo Sodano apparently is the head of the Old Guard. First we'll explain who Sodano is and then show why he might be at war with Francis and the Gay Lobby? Cardinal Sodano is the boss of the Vatican Old Guard diplomats and Cardinal Pietro Parolin has been called his "longtime protegee": In 2015, Vatican expert Jerry Slevin explained that Francis has put Sodano back in power by putting his "longtime protégée,  [Cardinal]Pietro Parolin.... [as] No. 2 as Secretary of State, and... likely... the next pope":  "Sodano at times was “de facto” pope during John Paul II’s incapacity. He is still Dean of Cardinals and oversaw the election of Pope Francis. His longtime protégée,  Pietro Parolin, is now No. 2 as Secretary of S